Random Thoughts – #11


Heelllllo, so I just realized this is my 11th Random Thoughts post (YEAAH BOOOOYEEE) and instead (more like due to lack of creativity at this moment) of coming up with a snazzy title I just named it #11. I’ll probably do that going forward unless I feel like the random thoughts are deserving of distinction.


  1. You ever go to read someone’s post on social media and realize it’s long as shit and decide not to read it after all. #kanyeshrug #tooverbose #imcooltoomanywords
  2. Sometimes I ride the train on my way to or from work with my headphones in like I’m listening to music, but I’m really listening to the conversations of other people secretly judging how stupid or interesting they are.
  3. I feel said for miserable people.
  4. We tried a pet dog out for a trial run of two weeks and decided we aren’t a pet dog type of family, we’re more of a pet beta fish. That puppy ran us ragged for those two weeks yo, having a pet is serious.
  5. Life is awesome when you realize what and who really matters most.
  6. Peace of mind is priceless.
  7. I saw a list of what makes a successful person versus an unsuccessful person, I’m half and half does that make me kind of successful or kind of unsuccessful?
  8. If I were a child genius I’d totally be a dick to “normies”, yes that what I would call all of you regular thinking ass folk, normies.
  9. I’m reading a lot more lately, makes me feel like I’m feeding my brain.
  10. Forgiveness really is for you and not the person you’re forgiving, and I have to admit when you commit to forgiving it works. The resentment or anger you felt turns into pity and sadness towards the person, but at least the anger and resentment is gone.
  11. Laughter is really the best medicine, along with chocolate, sex, massages, cake, cheeseburgers, salt & vinegar potato chips…
  12. I don’t understand why we get ashy, itchy and cracky hurt skin in the winter. I can’t take it with this skin, make up your damn mind be one out of the three not all three all the damn time. I’m itchy in some places, cracky hurt in others all while ashy as shit. le sigh (and I use the butters)
  13. If I won the powerball the other day, I would’ve reacted in the same manner as Dave Chappelle when he fictitiously got Oprah pregnant in a skit on his show.
  14. I have an unhealthy obsession with cell phone cases and nail polish.





4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – #11

  1. I hear you on peace of mind – it’s truly one of the most important things in life. Lmao at “normies”! Yes, reading is always so much fun – do you have a favorite genre, or do you enjoy reading random subjects? That’s funny about eavesdropping – people do have the strangest conversations in public, and a lot of times I find myself listening in too ^-^.

    I agree completely about forgiveness, it is for the benefit of the forgiver… and I think a lot of people don’t quite understand that. So many people try to get you to forgive before you’re ready, saying that it’s “for you”. If it really is for you, they should allow you to do it in your own time, in a healthy way.

    1. I read everything except romance, I can’t stomach romance novels. I feel back typing that but I just can’t it’s too gross. Right now I’ve been reading a lot on history and the criminal justice system, I have some James Baldwin. I love crime, thriller and syfy novels best. I remember as a kid loving those stories where you played part in what happened to the character, after you read a page it would read something like “go to page 7 to open door 1 or go to page 12 to open door 2” I can’t find those kinds of books anywhere, I wanted to let my kids experience that kind of story telling. I feel like it really fed my imagination. I’m all about novels fiction or nonfiction that make me think.

      1. Oh my god, I’s forgotten all about those “chose your own adventure” books! I used to check those out from the library all the time. Yeah, those were great! I think my favorite was one where you’re an accidental time traveler (but I kept getting stuck at the garage or something, lol). I love sci-fi, and I don’t mind a good crime book (fact or fiction). Ugh, yeah… romance novels kind of suck. I’ve tried reading them, but I usually get offended at how stupid they are. I’ve heard of James Baldwin, but I’ve never read any of his work.

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