Suck It! The Perfect Guy


I finally got around to watching the highly anticipated, love triangle/fatal attraction/desperate chicks do desperate shit thriller, The Perfect Guy starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut.

At first glance of the movie trailer, I was hoping this movie would be a really good thriller with a great plot twist. (Don’t ask me why I thought there would be a plot twist, I just did blame my imagination.)

After breaking up with her boyfriend of two years David (Morris Chestnut) because he’s not willing to marry her and pop out babies right away, Leah (Sanaa Lathan) meets and hooks up with Carter (Michael Ealy) two months later.  After dating for a short period of time (and obviously getting some good D) Leah takes Carter to meet her parents upon their return home Leah sees a different side of Carter, his sociopath side (which happens to be his real side because he’s not who he claims to be). After realizing something in the milk ain’t clean with this guy, Leah decides to end things with Carter.

Carter pulls a fatal attraction (which comes no where close to Glen Close’s fatal attraction, I’m sorry she still holds the crown for best crazy bitch ever in a movie), kidnaps Leah’s cat, kills her neighbor, leaks a sex tape between Leah and David (Leah and David decide to give it another chance after she realizes she moved way too fast with Carter) to her company and clients, kills David and then tries to kill Leah.

In the end Leah wins and losses, she’s able to kill Carter with the help of an unhelpful detective who advises her, off the record on how she can get away with killing her fatal attraction. I’m assuming she gets her life back and moves on living happily ever after. Blah blah blah.


Here’s my problem with the movie, Leah, who seemed to have both her professional and personal life in order, knowing exactly what she wanted from David; which was marriage and kids to the point where she sacrificed and ended her relationship because he didn’t want the same thing. How in the hell did she go from knowing what you want to being dumb as shit when Carter enters the picture? I’m not sure what type of company she worked for but it looked lucrative, she had a what appeared to be a great position where her work ethic, was trusted and valued by her employer. Basically she was a hard working bish. She had been in a two year relationship with her ex, so I’d like to think she knew him very well or as well as you could know someone after two years.

I just wonder why she didn’t look deeper into Carter’s character, she knew his parents died and he that was adopted only after her girlfriends grilled him. This alone seems odd for a woman who has her stuff together to neglect to find out anything about her new boyfriend, other than what he does for a living and that he has good D. Come on how unrealistic is that?

I feel like the writers failed to bring any realism to the Leah character (or storyline honestly), I mean your average everyday hoodrat knows how to run a background check. I guess we weren’t suppose to expect more because our eyes were being simulated by the likes of Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy, and yes they were some great eye candy, but that’s not enough to hold my attention for 100 min. The movie was painstakingly predictable, and super unrealistic; I mean Leah’s own mother didn’t take a minute to ask what she knew about homeboy. She did note that Leah hadn’t brought David to meet them, which I guess meant Carter must be special. But not special enough to inquirer about any friends and family outside of his conveniently deceased adopted parents.

The two things I enjoyed about this movie were, Sanaa Lathan’s wardrobe and the choreography of the fight scene between Leah and Carter.



6 thoughts on “Suck It! The Perfect Guy

  1. Damn, that sucks… I was thinking about seeing this movie, but now I’m not sure. It might still be worth it to see the ending fight, and the protagonist’s wardrobe (I love fight scenes and pretty clothes). I’ve noticed a lot of movies do that – take a woman whom they’ve already established as strong/competent, and then have her act wildly out of character to advance the plot in a particular direction. It’s a really lazy way of moving the story forward, and yeah, very unrealistic.

    1. Lol pretty clothes and eye candy make the movie tolerable lol, if you do watch it let me know what you think of it. Maybe I’m being too hard.

  2. Just saw the movie – yeah, fatal attraction was way better. With this one, it felt like the writers didn’t even care. Sanaa’s character was smart and powerful, until they needed her to hook up with Mr Crazy – then she just kind of… became a completely different person. Ealy’s character was undoubtedly creepy, but not the best I’ve seen. Aside from the murders, he reminded me of some creepy guy friends I’ve had… especially with the toothbrush scene. All in all, it sucked. And I agree – the detective = super unhelpful. I can’t get over the scene where Leah goes to Carter’s hideout and smashes the computers – nothing says “evil genius” like a bunch of yellow frowny faces popping up with the “Access Denied” message. I can’t believe they wasted such big-name actors on such a cut-rate film.

    1. Lol yeah i thought the yellow frowny faces were odd and out of place. Glad to see it wasn’t me, I totally forgot about the toothbrush scene it was gross and definitely creepy.

      1. I couldn’t stop laughing when those faces popped up, I thought it must be some sort of mistake. The toothbrush thing was very ill-placed in a set of scenes that I can only guess were meant to demonstrate his obsession with her by way of the 5 senses. It was also awkward and (yeah) gross in a movie where they supposedly want to remind you of how good-looking the guy is.

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