Random Thoughts – Blizzard 2016


22.4 inches is what the weather guessers are guessing we accumulated during winter storm Jonas here in Philadelphia, PA.

We did our normal grocery shopping Thursday night, it was super packed of course with storm shoppers. The kids got a snow day out of it, so it’s not all bad for them I guess. My morning commute would have been normal if a man on the bus hadn’t had a seizure as soon as I stepped on the bus. Talk about eventful mornings, the man was alright as far as I could tell (but then again, I’m not a medical professional), he was breathing when I got off the bus to wait for another bus to come.

I like snow when it first falls, living in the city it gets disgusting around the second day, grey and grimy; it’s not a good look.

Winter has just really showed up and I’m already planning summer vacation.

X-files premiered last night and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this reboot, I watched the series when I was younger, but I couldn’t fully appreciate it the way I can now as an adult.

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are going to the Superbowl, that should be a fun game. I told my husband the Panthers were my second team and he laughed at me and told me I was a fraud. I ride hard for the Pittsburgh Steelers so I rarely talk about my second team the Panthers. Whatever I guess I’m a fraud then (#GOSTEELERS LOL)

I kind of had a mommy melt down yesterday morning, I’m fully aware that being a parent is a thankless job especially if you have inconsiderate children. I love and adore my kids (I’d give my life for them if I had to), I just think they’re some selfish (insert your choice of profanity here). They kick ass when it comes to school and not being the run of the mill bad asses that I see roaming the streets of Philly. I give them that, but when it comes to being considerate to myself and their father, they suck royally. Especially the girl, she literally has three jobs to do around the house, dishes (no we ain’t ballin’ we don’t have a dishwasher), clean the bathroom once a week, and keep her room clean. She’s so so when it comes to the dishes, she half asses the bathroom most of the time and her room is NEVER clean.

I had just gotten to my wits end yesterday and I just laid everyone in the house out (except hubby), I work five days a week, I try to cook dinner at least four out of the seven days. Whenever they want or need something we make sure they get it, we make sure we communicate with them. We do everything necessary to ensure they are happy and healthy kids.

This is probably, part of the problem and I’ve realized a long time ago is that I’m the pushover parent in the house. I’m typically the one that will ground them and in the same day let them watch tv or play video games. I understand that doing this for so long as pushed me into a corner and created this non-authority, authority figure. Actions speak louder than words right? Right. So I’ve been practicing what I preach as of late, but they more specifically the girl keeps trying me, I swear she wants me to lay hands on her. But I’m not going to play this little game with her, what she doesn’t understand is, she’s a teenager with no job, or means of transportation other than what she gets to go to and from school (her school provides this). Spring and summer are coming, as is her last year of high school, the answer to everything she wants will be a solid flat ass no, until she does the what she’s suppose to do around the house. She thinks she can win this battle, but like I said, she ain’t got no job and no way to get around, so you want to go to whose party? Oh you need a dress for the party? Oh you want to go to NYC with your friends? FUCK NO! (yes that’s how I talk to my kids, well not the youngest, I don’t have time to pussy foot around with these people. They will drive you mad if you let them especially when they become teenagers)

How’d you guys spend the blizzard of 2016 aka winter storm Jonas?



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – Blizzard 2016

  1. I so love your honesty when taking about discipline and the struggles to do so with our children. I love parents who are honest about the difficulty and not polishing the facts to make it shiny and rosy. Kids are a different kind of animals. They are not easily tamed. They know how and when to push your buttons. Grrrr!

    No blizzard here in the upper Midwest, nice temperature around 30s or so. Hope that’s the end of snow for you guys out there.

    1. Thanks, I’m definitely not the perfect parent and my children are far from perfect, I feel like honesty is the only way to go. I don’t know why but think we might get one more snow storm before spring.

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