Random Thoughts: Gentrification & Organs


Gentrification IMO is a fancy way of saying, “hey POC, mainly you black people, your neighborhoods are fucked up so I, being a white person will move in with my white homies and make it better…WHITE POWER!”.

I’m sorry if that offends you, but get over yourself because that’s what it is. A bunch of colored folks moving into the suburbs isn’t called something fancy like gentrification, on the low it’s called “property value killer”. It just kills me to think that some white people are in complete and utter denial that this thing called “white privilege” exists. In denying its existence you sir/ma’am are apart of the fucking problem.

Gentrification is just another way of letting us know for certain that white supremacy is a thing…call a thing a thing (Iyanla Vanzant).

My husband said he won’t comply with donating my organs when I die because he loves me so much that he want’s me to haunt him. I let him know flat out, I’m donating his organs lol, but I didn’t know if I could be strong enough to donate our children’s.

I’ve been on a gymcation for like two months (maybe more) but I’m back at it. It sucks getting up super early to go to the gym. I love sleep, if someone offered me a million dollars to stay awake for three days I’d pass. Sleep is awesome!

I find it humorous how uncomfortable some white people are when there is a conversation about diversity going on in my presence. Like I’m the diversity police or something wtf, ya’ll don’t need my approval, ya’ll know ya’ll shit ain’t diverse, fix it!

I’m teaching myself Spanish and hubby is teaching me to play the piano. There is no reason for anyone to be bored especially me with so much in the world to learn, there should never be a such thing as an idle mind.

I’m looking forward to our family vacation this year, but I’m not, the thought of having to board a plane and sit in it while it defies gravity for a few hours terrifies me. And no I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve never flown before, I bet none of you do shit your afraid of, so bite me with the judgement ish.

I briefly considered giving up profanity…briefly and then I came to my senses, because I fucking looooooooooove to curse. It just makes a sentence sound that much better, and it gets a point across beautifully. Some people find it vulgar or abrasive, to those people I say “grow the fuck up!”

What crazy, weird or unique shit is running around your minds?



3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Gentrification & Organs

  1. This makes me think about my maternal grandparents’ house in the suburbs. They lived right across the street from the only black family in their neighborhood at the time. Grandma didn’t make anything of it; she clearly felt that it was normal for them to have a house and raise their kids there. But Grandpa kept talking to us about it like it was weird, and about how “unusual” it was that they were doctors. The thing that always stood out to me most was the fact that he never used words like “Black”, “African American”, or “POC”… he said “coloreds”. He called my sister, father, and me “coloreds”. And he would talk about how “lazy” and “dishonest” black people “normally” are… this coming from a man who was literally cut-off by his own parents for having less than stellar character and a poor work-ethic himself.

    Congrats on picking up a new language, and learning piano! The world really is full of so much stuff to learn, it’s actually kind of difficult to get bored sometimes. I learned piano when I was little, but then I didn’t play for a long time. I remember my mom getting frustrated because I always wanted to learn to play video-game themed music ^-^! Mozart and Beethoven are nice, but there’s just something about the “Portal” ending theme, “Bad Apple”, and “Castlevania” songs.

    I’m rooting for you on the plane!

    1. Sounds like grandpa might be a little racist or a little of a bigot. It’s a shame some people think that what without any confirmation. How can you charge an entire group of people with being lazy and dishonest if you haven’t met every single person and was able to honestly come to that conclusion. Piano is definitely different but I like it.

      1. Yeah, he was a racist/sexist/bigot (and a pedophile). No one cried at his funeral, and my mom/her siblings wondered why half the grand-kids didn’t even show up for it. I’ve met so many people like him who think they can just make sweeping generalizations about other ethnicities (especially about black people), but get offended if you say anything about them. The racism is bad enough, and the hypocrisy adds insult to injury.

        I’m glad you like piano! It’s one of my favorite instruments ^-^.

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