Pride & Prejudice of My Blackness

blackprideI’m not a Beyonce stan and I’m definitely not a fan of Kendrick Lamar (not because I have any negative feelings towards him I just don’t listen to a ton of hip hop these days) recently they both have had performances that have led some people to question whether or not they are racist.

Beyonces’ formation video was in my opinion full of black pride self love and appreciation, Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammy’s was full of imagery and poetry that spoke to the truth, his truth, my truth, pretty much any person of color who has to deal with the establishment called government and racist America.

Because they spoke their truths, or expressed black pride they are now a threat to society. Some police are offended by the words spray painted on the wall in a scene of Beyonce’s video that read “Stop shooting us”, why is this something so terrible? Is there not truth in that statement?

What I don’t understand is why is it against the law for black people to show an ounce of pride in our blackness. It’s automatically taken as a threat to society, when Latinos express Latin pride no one harps on them, we join in and rejoice with them. But low and behold a black person says I’m happy and I love my nappy hair and wide nose, World War III breaks out. Everyone in this country except for the blacks that are descendants of slaves are “allowed” to be prideful of their culture and who they are;

African’s are allowed

Asian’s are allowed

European’s are allowed

Latino’s are allowed

West Indian/Caribbean’s are allowed

Italian American’s are allowed

Irish American’s are allowed

The LGBTQ Community is allowed

Shit “Rednecks” are allowed

9f28d2655b81dbad3a762c714ffe3413But when it comes to blacks it’s as if a law has been broken. When I decided to wear my hair the way it grew naturally out of my scalp it was taken as an act (to some both black and white) of rebellion or defiance; when all I wanted to do was not harm my body by putting harmful chemicals on my head to stop my hair from doing what it naturally does.

I just want to know why is OUR pride so intimidating and why do we receive so much prejudice when it’s expressed.

It’s so fucked up that some other POC also feel some kind of way when we celebrate our blackness as if it lessens their pride.

I’m not surprised that I’m having this conversation, I’m just tired of having it…



8 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice of My Blackness

  1. I love that picture! That always did confuse me… why a lot of my friends who shared minority status disliked black people or shows of African American pride so much, even though they were very vocal about their own ethnic pride. And I’m talking about people who seemed like good/reasonable people otherwise. It was as if a monster had suddenly been let out, and it shocked me. I didn’t know how to feel afterward, save for alienated. I met a Jewish man who cried while telling me the story of what his family went through at Auschwitz…. and only minutes later used the N-word to describe his neighbor, who’d suffered something no less painful while living in the south. I’ve had Asian and Hispanic friends include me in their groups, relate with me on stories of racism, but then act funny if any of my darker friends showed up and tried to hang out, “We don’t want them here. Blacks are [fill in the blank].” I remember one particular incident with a Chinese friend of mine… it took years for me to find out that she hated black people. But then it just came out one day when she was talking about having car trouble. We were speaking chinese, so I thought I misheard her when she used the chinese word for N***** to refer to the mechanic. It was all down-hill from there, and she was so casual with her racism. This was a woman who’d told me on many an occasion how hard it was being Asian in an all-white company.

    1. That’s exactly what I don’t understand we all have experiences of injustice and hardships. I just wish we’d all come together and try to resolve the issues instead of pointing the finger at one another and/or hating a group of people for no reason other than brain washing and hate-mongering.

      1. Yeah, I really do wish more people would just work together. Everyone always tells me that it sounds “corny” or “naive”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth if you just open your eyes and look at what’s coming if we don’t. I heard Paul Mooney say something in one of his stand-ups about what he thinks will happen if we don’t fight that very type of hate-mongering together: “We’re either going to hang together or hang separately, but either way we’re going to hang.”

      2. I love Paul Mooney he says things that makes people uncomfortable but will make you think while being unapologetically honest.

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