For Colored Girls Who Want Peace of Mind When Choking a Bitch is never an Option…

I feel like my period makes me much angrier (emotional) than normal, I mean I’m typically frustrated as soon as I leave my house every day because I hate leaving the tranquil serenity that is home.

All of these emotions that come along with “PMS” (which for the record is not bullshit, it’s real!) has me all kinds of fucked up. I’ve noticed that PMS creates a force field of constant hostility, happiness and sadness. Last week, I cried because a family won Family Feud, WTF! real tears yo (I wasn’t sad I was super happy for them). This is not the first time this has happened during PMS week. People with whom I dislike at work (one person in particular, because I wholeheartedly believe she’s a bigot) I actually want to throat chop. I have to be super conscious of my facial expressions during PMS week, because I’ve been known to make the “bitch please” face when someone says something stupid, asks me a question or breathes in my direction.pms-blog

A friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem (Ruby Flo) about her period, and I remember reading it and thinking, “damn maybe, I’m being too hard on this awesome feminine gift that was specifically created for my kind and my kind only”, then cramp day hits and I’m like “fuck this shit I wish I were a boy, why do men not have to deal with this shit, I hate life”. 

Bloat is real, if you’re thinking of being cute during PMS week; plan on being salty because bloat gives zero fucks about your cuteness.

The best gift my period has to offer is loss of appetite, a bitch loses at least five pounds during the week, but then I gain it back during PMS week. SMH you see how this is a vicious cycle that hurts all of whom experiences it once a month.

I know this is an odd post to read, and you probably weren’t expecting it, but I’ve been reading shitty shit all week. And honestly I’m tired of being in my feelings, I can’t wait for this presidential race to be over with. I wish you could legally kill all the stupid racist people in the world…





8 thoughts on “For Colored Girls Who Want Peace of Mind When Choking a Bitch is never an Option…

  1. We could have like a big ass purge day and get ride of these racist ass people. Ugh guy at my job looked me dead in the face and said he agreed that all immigrants should be sent back I just looked at him like white old dude last I checked you aren’t really from America unless your Native American with pale ass skin you should be the first one back to Germany, Europe or where ever the hell your from…..

  2. I used to feel like being paralyzed when I had PMS in my late teens and early 20s. I called in sick a couple times and my male-supervisor was giving me the look when I came back to work the next day. Fortunately my female coworkers stood by me when I told boss that PMS was a legitimate sickness.

  3. PMS is definitely real, I’ve seen too many people suffer through it to think otherwise. I don’t get it, but my periods are rough. As far as the presidential election goes… I’ve never been so worried before about who will become the next president. I don’t think racist people should ever be allowed to vote – their judgement is highly impaired. It’s a sickness, and should be treated as such… but seriously, yeah I wish we could just get rid of all of them too, lol.

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