To Block or Not to Block?, That is the Question…

To Block or Not to Block?, That is the Question…


There was a segment on the morning news a few months ago on social media and friendships.

A few of the anchors (women) agreed that going through the motions of “blocking” someone with whom you are no longer friends or in a relationship with was a bit extreme, and showed that you still cared about the person. I disagree, when I break up with you no matter what the level of break up, friend or lover. I don’t want you to have the ability to “peak” in on my life, we’re not in a relationship for a reason.

I blocked a few ex-friends but one specifically is currently a colleague I blocked this person from everything, or at least all of the social media outlets that I’m a participant in. It’s not because I’m salty or still mad, it’s because I know human nature, I don’t want this person or anyone that I’ve ended a friendship with to have access to my life.

I know you’re probably thinking, “you’re thinking very highly of yourself to think someone would want to check up on you” and that’s sort of true, the fact is we see each other on a daily basis because we work together, and I know the person has the tendency to “check up”on people,  exes, the exes of the ex, other colleagues. So I decided once I ended our friendship to be proactive and ensure the person didn’t have access to my life.

I think once you end a relationship why have the unnecessary connections, especially if you don’t foresee any interactions in the future, EVER. Blocking works both ways, the person has no access to you and you to them, it’s a good thing especially in the case of a toxic relationship, you won’t be tempted to “check up” on the person.

Some people may agree with the news anchors, I just believe that when you end something, end it for good and keep it moving…



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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue… nothing good ever came of me leaving channels open or opportunities for the person(s) in question to be tempted to stalk me – because they always did, and the bad behavior never stopped. After dealing with toxic people, peace of mind is priceless.

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