6 Signs You’re Living a Real Life Love Jones

6 Signs You’re Living a Real Life Love Jones

220px-lovejonesmovie If you’ve never seen the movie “Love Jones” shame on you, it’s a 90’s (black) cult classic, think of it as a black “When Harry Met Sally”, but with poetry, finger snapping, Lorenz Tate and Nia Long.

I’m not going to give away the story line for anyone who’s thinking of checking it out and you should check it out, it’s a classic love story. The major theme of this movie was the idea, that you could love or be jonesin’ so to speak for a someone so badly that their habits and interests become your habits and interest. Your lives and personalities become so intertwined that there is no clear division of where you end and they begin.

Six signs that you’re a real life adaptation of da (because why not da in place of the) love jones. (snap, snap, snap)

  1. Your music catalog starts to resemble theirs. I wasn’t a huge jazz fan or at least I think the case was that I didn’t completely understand jazz before meeting my husband, but after taking a peak into his music collection and coming to understand the musicality of jazz I am now a fan. I’m a huge R&B “head” you will now find the likes of Amy Winehouse in my husbands music collection, I like to think I influenced that decision.
  2. You start to say things that they are known to say, without thinking twice. Whether it is a weird little saying or joke of theirs, it has now “grown” on you and become your weird little saying or joke.
  3. Your humor starts to eerily resemble their humor. See #2.
  4. Their friends become your friends. There is no autonomy when it comes to your circle of friends, now when they see you coming they expect to see your better half not far behind. You become “y’all” instead of I or me. It’s not longer “What are you doing tonight” it’s “What are ya’ll getting into tonight?” Seeing one with other the other disrupts the entire group and the question of where your better half is, is always posed.
  5. Their vices often times become your vices. If he/she likes to drink, gamble, watch porn or puff puff pass, you might find yourself partaking in those activities as well after awhile. I’m a huge fan of napping and/or sleeping in on my days off, my husband and I now nap together. More often than not I’m the cause of his inability to get any work done because I’ll coerce him into taking a nap with me. I have yet to pull him over to the dark side of enjoying reality television, if I held my breath I’d die for sure.
  6. You both respond to a situation at the same time with the exact same statement. See #2.

You basically become one person within two bodies, comparable to twins, in some cases you even annoyingly finish each others sentences. Don’t expect your love jones to miraculously give you the ability to read each other’s minds (or maybe ya’ll can and we’re over here love jonesin’ all kinds of wrong, who knows). I don’t think having a love jones means you’ve made scientific breakthroughs in telepathy; if you’re upset he/she will still have the inclination to ask what’s bothering you, (not to say that they won’t have the intuitive ability to feel when something is bothering you, but again intuition is not telepathy at least not since the last time I checked the dictionary).

It’s pretty neat listening in on some of his telephone conversations and hearing some of my “T”isms and vice versa.

What do you think? Any of you guys out there got a love jones?





2 thoughts on “6 Signs You’re Living a Real Life Love Jones

  1. I’ve heard of this one, but have never seen it – that’s #2 on a growing list of “must-sees” for me, lol. It is great being a relationship where you find yourselves growing on each other! I think I can relate to all but the friends thing – most of our friends got mad, lol. But at least they showed us where they stood at the beginning. Definitely yes to the merging of musical tastes, and that was one of the best parts – having my musical library expand greatly, and having someone to share my music with ^-^.

    1. I think you’ll like it, it’s a good love story not one of those sappy ones, I’m not into sappy love stories anymore. I guess when I started to realize love rarely happens like they try to make you believe in those types of movies

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