Random Thoughts: Running Ain’t Easy…

Random Thoughts: Running Ain’t Easy…

random-thoughts-logo-sq-turq1I’m trying to understand why the people who create these “run” for a cause events hate “walkers” so much. If you know me, you know I ain’t running unless Pinhead from “Hellraiser” or Jason Voorhees find themselves in my neck of the woods looking for fresh meat (and I might still try to negotiate my death to keep from running, I’m going to get caught any damn way…the way my knees and my lunges work if I try to go past a certain pace per step I might pass out. #IJS).

I’m not saying I’m a terrible runner, I’m saying I’m terrible times infinity. If someone walked up to me and said I’ll pay you to run my answer wouldn’t be “how much?” it would be “why?”.

There are people out here who love to run and want nothing more out of life than to complete a 5k in record breaking time. I’m not one of those people, I don’t even power walk.

So I’m perusing my Facebook timeline and I’m noticing all these cool runs, like the “Color Run”, I like colored chalk and face paint, but I can’t partake, because I’m not about that running life. Would it really hurt to make it the “Color Run with the option to walk very slowly if you ain’t about that running life, but you like to support fun causes with chalk and face paint”. How ya’ll gonna alienate a whole group of people like that! We out here, we want to support a cause too!

It’s not like running is all that great for you, I mean after a while your knees get all fucked up. Now your like sixty and you feel great cause you got your cardio on, but you gotta rub that old lady/man cream on your knees to make them feel better because they lock on that ass every so often.

Running is the real problem with American society ! (maybe I’m being a little dramatic) Why you are running? Why do you have to get to where your going so damn quickly? Walk and walk slowly, enjoy nature why don’t you…Sheesh.

I guess I could go and just pass out water…smh


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Running Ain’t Easy…

  1. Sometimes I like to run, but I’ve met some strange people who really get kind of um… weird or fanatical about it. I enjoy walking too, and it is definitely a much more peaceful activity. I like not feeling like I’m in a hurry, and being able to enjoy the scenery as I go.

    1. Me too, it’s definitely peaceful and I’m nosey. I like to people watch and you can’t do that running 😉

      1. Lmao! Yeah, people-watching would definitely be difficult if you’re running ^-^! I’m nosy too… I always find myself wondering what would this person look like as a dog, or I wonder where she got those shoes, etc.

      2. I like watching people’s facial expressions as they have telephone conversations to try and very our what they are talking about. I think I might have a problem lol

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