#LHHREUNION: Love Triangles are Square?

#LHHREUNION: Love Triangles are Square?

Against better judgement I watched the Love & Hip-Hop New York reunion this afternoon and I was not disappointed in the level of delusion and idiocy on my television screen.cdjilvluyaaabr8

One particular story line stands out and has stood out for the last two seasons and that’s the “square”(I call it the square love triangle because it’s comparable to an adult trying to stuff a square peg into a triangular opening, in other words it has issues) love triangle that is Peter Gunz, Amina Buttafly and Tara Wallace.

If you’re smart you’ve probably never heard of this show let alone these people. Peter Gunz is an old washed up rapper from the 90’s, Amina Buttafly is a washed up singer from a 90’s (could be 000’s I don’t know I actually never heard of the damn group until this show) girl group “Black Buddafly”, Tara Wallace is the washed up home-wrecking baby momma of Peter Gunz.

Peter was with Tara for 13 yrs, but he married Amina with whom he was only “working” with, while he was still smashing baby momma Tara. (This guy currently has ten children by four or five different women, Tara has three of his children, and Amina has two) His other children with the other women are all older than Tara and Amina’s children, which means he probably was with one or all (knowing this dude) of his baby momma’s while he was “with” Tara for those 13 years.

These two seemingly intelligent women, are fighting (figuratively and literally) over this washed up wanna be player. They’re both popping out kids for him like it’s an unexplored form of power and going out of style.

During the season, we found out that Peter was still creeping with Tara, because why not, she’s an idiot; he’s been cheating on her the entire time they’ve been together so why not pound her cheeks every once in awhile. But the problem is he is still married to Amina. We also find out Amina is pregnant again, but she decides to get an abortion, and then has an emotional break down when she finds out that the side piece is pregnant. (Mind you the side piece claims she found out she was pregnant at 18 weeks, which is fucking mind boggling, if you’ve every been pregnant it does not take 18 weeks to figure out that you’re pregnant) Then the washed up rappers oldest daughter talks him into getting a vasectomy, something this dude should have gotten about 13 years ago. He decides to do it and not talk to his wife about it, he finally admits to his wife and she freaks out, fast forward to the reunion, pregnant washed up baby momma, and washed up 90’s girl group singer are going back and forth and the washed up 90’s girl group singer is asked how she feels  about washed up baby momma being the last to have a baby by washed up rapper. Her answer is, “I was upset, but not anymore because I’m pregnant”.

Where do they do this shit at? Why are these simple bitches using their wombs as a means to keep a man that has proven to them over and over again he ain’t tryna be kept. I know they say love is blind, but is it deaf, dumb and stupid as well? I was strongly hoping these dizzy broads were only acting like this for the cameras and a check, because it’s hard out here for a talentless washed up 90’s girl group singer and a washed up baby momma who had children with a washed up rapper.

I don’t know why I was surprised with the revelation that these to silly bitches aren’t acting but actually in love with this dude, and will tear each other down at every turn like the problem is each other and isn’t HIM!

They attack each other’s character and fight like crazy blaming one another for the actions of a trifling man who has showed them who he was a long time ago. At this point I don’t blame him, I blame them. If you’re stupid enough to take shit and try to put glitter on it to help blind yourself into believing it’s not just shit covered glitter, then you deserve tasting and living with the fact that you’re eating shit.

I just don’t understand why no one is thinking about the children in this situation (other than the washed up rappers eldest child)!

The three of them are extremely selfish in all of their horrible decision making and if I worked for the department of human services I would investigate the shit out of these fools and place those children into homes with parents who will put them and their needs first.

If you did watch Part 1 of the #LHHREUNION what did you think of it?



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