Batman v. Superman: 10 Things I Learned

Batman v. Superman: 10 Things I Learned

10. People really go to movies because of it’s popularity and have no formal background of the characters or the story. My daughter had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman who has never seen a Superman movie let alone read or seen anything DC comic related. During the movie, she asked herself if General Zod was Lex Luther’s dad. WTF!

The woman also asked my daughter if the movie was called “Batman v. Superman or Superman v. Batman”… SMDH why was she at the movie?

9. It is possible to successfully people watch in a dark movie theater. I noticed (because I’m a professional people watcher) my neighbor was literally sitting on the edge of her seat during the more intense moments of the movie. The little boy in front of me whose parents should probably be kicked in the head for bringing a three year old to a three hour long movie, was bored and found more entertaining things to do like turning around constantly in his seat trying to engage with us.

8. Ben Affleck  wasn’t as terrible as I thought he would be when it was first announced that he would be our new Batman. He was a pretty convincing Batman, I do think the reason the writers wrote Batman as such an angry character was because that was the only emotion Ben Affleck could successfully recreate.

7. The writers don’t care if you follow the comic books or animated movies. I’m confused by the introduction of a certain character that shall remain nameless as to not spoil the movie for you all.

6. Batman is emotional and a terrible detective, in this world of Batman anyway.

5. Alfred is hot and much younger than I remember him. (wink)

4. Henry Cavill is even hotter in this movie.

3. Henry Cavill is even hotter in this movie.

2. Why does it seem like every super villain is an obnoxious baby mad at the world because their daddy didn’t love them. (I’m talking about you Kylo Ren! you big fucking baby!)

1.  Henry Cavill is even hotter in this movie. I’m sorry I love Henry Cavill as Superman, I don’t care to see him as any other character other than Superman. As a matter of fact he wasn’t an actor until he played Superman, just like Thor is and will only be known as Thor.

I really enjoyed the movie, (I’m sure my booty won’t forgive me for sitting on it for almost three hours straight) I got to see a bunch of awesome fight scenes, Henry Cavill topless and the introduction of one of the baddest female super heroines, Wonder Woman. I remember having a Wonder Woman night gown as a little girl and wanting to kick ass like she did.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to check this movie out. It’s long, super long and some of the story will make you say whaaaa (for instance I don’t recall Gotham and Metropolis being separated by a river, but hey like I said the writers don’t give a shit about your historical comic book references, in their minds all you have to do is take a quick car ride over a bridge or a ferry to Gotham city), especially if you’ve followed the comics and/or prior Batman/Dark knight movies.

Have you guys seen Batman v. Superman?  What was your favorite moment? Tell me what you though of the movie in the comments.