Adventures at Walmart

Adventures at Walmart

I enjoy shopping trips no matter the store, I do majority of my grocery shopping at my local super Walmart.

Today was no different from any other day, the family got into the car and headed off to the store to make our purchases. At the end of our trip I stood in line waiting to checkout, two ladies in front of us (one young and one older, I’m going to assume they were a mother daughter duo because they looked alike) one smiled at me and looked at me from head to toe; I don’t dress flashy on any given day, I make it a point to be as comfortable as possible especially during my days off when running errands.

I typically shrug it off, people look at me funny all the time it’s no big deal, but I did notice how nice the women were dressed. Very nice clothing and designer handbags, what I also happen to notice was when it came time to pay the woman who looked me up and down pulled out an “Access” card, which in my state is used to place funds used by individuals who participate in the public welfare program on.

I personally don’t find anything wrong with  anyone receiving welfare, the system was put in place to help people who need it. But I found it extremely peculiar for someone who was wearing their “Sunday’s best” with such expensive accessories to stare at me “peasant like”, while paying for their groceries with funds that my tax dollars more than likely contributed to. While I on the other hand, the homely looking one paid for my purchases using my bank card with funds from my job.

I just wondered if you can afford to purchase designer handbags and shoes, do you really need public welfare? Given she could possibly have a job, but maybe her income is still under the poverty line and if that is the case, is it smart to invest your money in designer clothing and accessories?

I think the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, holds so true especially in this case. In most instances if someone asked (or were to assume) if I or the woman were making our purchases with food stamps, I’m absolutely positive most people would think I was the one paying with food stamps. And you know what that’s ok, this isn’t the first instance where I was wrongly judged by someone. I

t’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

I’ll end this post with another of my favorite cliche sayings, “Everything that glitters isn’t gold”.

Have you guys ever felt unjustly judged by someone who had no room to judge you or anyone?



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  1. Omg, I know exactly what you mean – this happens to me every time I dress down to go out! One Sunday I was at a Walmart, lol, and a group of women, dressed all in white (head-to-toe) with gold jewelry, stared me up and down, then started pointing at me, whispering, and laughing very loudly. And, sure enough, when it was their turn in line, out comes the Access card. But yeah, glass houses… geez.

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