PTSD or Nah?

PTSD or Nah?

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Day

I think employers should offer a day for individuals to utilize in case of “when keeping it real goes wrong”.

For instance, lets say your colleague for some reason felt safe in his/her work environment and in that moment of safety felt the need to ask/make racially or discriminatory statements/questions. “We” should be allowed to use the following day of said incident as a PTSD.

It takes a lot for a person(more so me) to hear something that is outwardly offensive and take that information and remain calm, deflect or disassociate oneself from the situation for the sake of professionalism. (Which I think is bullshit, why are we always held accountable for our reactions to some bullshit, but ignorant assholes can run around the work place asking  offensive questions pertaining to poor black people in Philadelphia being unemployable at their company! Wait I’m ranting, back to the point I’m trying to make)

I feel like POC more often find ourselves in situations with ignorant people and if our parents or village raised us with a little bit of sense and self constraint, we have to essentially “suck that shit up” make the decision to be the bigger person and keep it moving. While said ignorant person(s) continue to walk the earth spewing their hate and ignorance, where they do that at? Earth. SMDH

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not we are ALL brand ambassadors of sorts of our employers. And when dealing with people, unless they live their lives daily taking ques from the Archie Bunker/George Jefferson school of everyday bigotry, we mask or biases, whatever they are from the public or at least the minimum from the people we actually hold the biases towards.

When their “cup runneth over” and a person for whatever reason momentarily stops being the representative that they send to work everyday and the real person rears their ugly head, if that person is a discriminatory bigot; I should have one of two choices. 1) I can throat chop him/her for saying some bullshit, or 2) Let me keep my black ass home until I get all the way out of my feelings and am able to look at the person without feeling a throat chop is soon to follow. #IJS

At this point in the post you probably realized someone at my workplace said some bulllshit, and you would be correct in your assumption. I just woooo saaaaa and try to keep it moving, pick and choose my battles and while I’m disgusted at what was said it’s easier for me do my job, and keep space between myself and the individual.

It’s unfortunate but you can’t teach an old discriminatory dog new tricks, but if that dog barks again I might have to call animal control on that ass…

Have you guys had any experiences with someone saying something offensive in the workplace? How did you handle it? Am I being a sucka for not going to HR and complaining?




3 thoughts on “PTSD or Nah?

  1. I say yes to the throat-chop! I’ve heard crap like that thrown around the workplace before… only problem was that it was mostly during that period when I lived where I worked, lol (the martial arts school), and the biggest damned offender was R, the head instructor. She’d act all “progressive” in front of the other students, but her inner racist (which she swore didn’t exist) came out in front of me all the time. One time I asked her why she never attended a particular black-belt’s class, seeing as how they’d been friends for almost 2 decades. She looked right at me, and said this: “Well, he’s one of my dearest friends, and I’d trust him with my life… but I don’t want to go to his class – it’s the ‘black class’. You know, only our black students seem to go to that one.” When I reminded her, “But you know all of the people in it, ” she said she felt uncomfortable being in a room with only black people, even if she’d known most of them for years. I told her she was a bigot, to which she replied, “You don’t understand what it’s like feeling left out, you’re mixed.”

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