Game of Thrones S6 E6 – “The Door” (Spoilers)

Game of Thrones S6 E6 – “The Door” (Spoilers)

First and foremost what the fuck! Second, what the fuck! Third, WHAT.THE.FUCK!

I’m speechless and angry as fuck after lastnights episode. I’ve come the realization that the Stark clan is full of Jon Snows doing Jon Snow type shit.

Theon Greyjoy is still emotionally fucked up, I’d imagine being tortured by a maniac would do that to you.

This new and improved boss bish Sansa I can get with.

As much as I’d like to hope, Arya will never truly be “a girl”, her heart lies with her family.

Now to the good shit…

We learn the tree fairies (I’m calling them that because I don’t know/remember what they are) are the creators of the “white walkers”. Man was destroying their land and they needed a diabolical tool of evil to win accept for the obvious these chicks can’t control the white walkers.

Bran should be renamed Bran “the fuck up” Stark, out of impatience he decides that the three eyed Raven doesn’t know shit and he’s going into the land of the past on his own. He enters the land where we saw the tree fairies change some dude into the first white walker, he turns around to see an army of white walkers.
Instead of trying to wake up this ninja decides it’s smart to take a stroll through the crowd, because Jon Snow shit.

At the end of his journey he sees the “four  horsemen” (that’s what I think of when I see them) and guess what they see his ass! He turns to see the crowd of frozen walking dead has now faced him. He’s frightened of course (not enough to wake up, again Jon Snow shit) when he turns the head white walker in charge is next to him and grabs his arm.

Now this ni**a wanna wake up. Now Bran is no longer safe because the cave they’ve been living in is enchanted and protects them from white walkers only if the head walker doesn’t touch you. (that would’ve been nice to know three eyed Raven) Now they have to evacuate quick, fast and in a hurry.  But Bran is still in la la land, Hodor is freaking out because that’s what he does.

While this is happening the three eyed raven has taken Bran back to Winterfell’s past where his father a young Ned Stark is being sent off to train with the “knights of the vale” (I think), we see a young Hodor talking to Ned’s sister. The white walkers are in the future making their way into the tree cave. Meera is screaming to Bran to get Hodor to help, Bran in Winterfell’s past with the three eyed raven, who knows he’s going to die tells Bran to look away. Bran finally gets into Hodor’s mind and he picks Bran up and their off running from the white walkers, Meera is fighting the tree fairies die, they get to a door, Hodor has to push the door opened that’s blocked on the outside by snow. Meera grabs Bran and shout’s to Hodor to”Hold the door!”, Bran who’s still in Winterfell’s past locks into young Hodor, Hodor see’s the future and hears “hold the door”. He falls to the ground convulsing, repeating over and over “hold the door”, until the words become “Hodor”.

Hodor dies!, thanks to Bran and his Jon Snow shit, and now we know why Hodor only says Hodor. This dude has been walking around for years reciting the last words he’ll ever say before his death.


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4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S6 E6 – “The Door” (Spoilers)

  1. I finally got to watch this episode… and what bullsh!t. I was so pissed that Hodor had to die because Bran was stupid/selfish. Yeah, very much like Jon Snow, whom we’re all supposed to like (apparently), because he’s “special”. I liked the tree fairies (children of the forest); they were so cute, lol… but yeah, they definitely hadn’t thought that whole white walker plan through. I found myself yelling at the tv the whole way through Bran’s little “I don’t need the raven’s advice, I know better.” escapade.

    1. I’ve come to question all of actions of the stark clan. Thus far they’re all very disappointing.

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