Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Beach and BBQ Season? WTF

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Beach and BBQ Season? WTF

For most American’s Memorial Day means it’s time to head to the beach (In Philly it means going down the shore) and/or sparking up your grill.

What I’m confused about is how a holiday that is suppose to commemorate the deaths of the men and women who served in our armed forces, translated into hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, potato salad and beaches.

It seems that the only people celebrating Memorial day the way it was intended are people remembering the lives of their loved ones who perished in some war America decided it needed to be apart of.

Given we all feel like we’re doing our parts by giving shout outs via social media, but for the most part we, myself included see the holiday as means to gather with our family and friends who may or may not have served  in the armed forces to partake in grilled foods, salty snacks, cold salads, beer/spirits and shit talking.

It kinda seems is ignorant (and selfish) as hell of us, again myself included to be happy and excited about a three day weekend that we were given at the cost of a whole lot of people losing their lives. I think we should only be allowed to take off on Monday if we lost a loved one who served in the armed forces or plan on doing something service related, like spending time with vets at a nursing home. Seems fair to me, roll your eyes if you want but you know in your heart I’m right. Ain’t nan one of us doing a damn thing close to commemorating the deaths of those who served in any of the wars of the past.

While I appreciate my day off, I think the celebration of the holiday is one of many reasons America has a bad rap.

Only in America does fallen soldiers equate to the kickoff of beach and bbq season.



3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Beach and BBQ Season? WTF

  1. I’ve always found this a bit questionable myself… joyful cookouts on such a somber day of remembrance. It’s especially confusing considering that other countries actually celebrate our Memorial Day too, but with serious ceremonies where they honor American soldiers buried on their soil. A lot of the people I’ve asked about this have usually responded with either, “Look, I don’t want to think about that.” or “The best way to honor our fallen heroes is to be happy and act like it’s a normal day.”

    1. We’ve become a society of “runners” and “diverters”, dealing with real issues are too much for the average person who only is interested in false sense of security and happiness.

      1. That’s a perfect description of what I’ve seen most people striving for – a false sense of security/happiness. This mentality actually reminds me of a 2006 Chinese film I saw called “Curse of the Golden Flower” – An emperor causes a ton of turmoil and bloodshed within his family right before a national celebration. He then has the entire palace cleaned and decorated in gold, and has carpets and flowers thrown over top of where the bloodshed and bodies were. His remaining family and servants are to look happy and pretend nothing happened so that the festival (and life in general) can proceed smoothly.

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