Dear Animal Activists

Dear Animal Activists

Dear Animal Activists,

I get it was fucked up what the officials at the Cincinnati Zoo did, you know protecting the life of an innocent precocious baby boy who’s parents may not be super awesome parents like all of you. But in case you didn’t know people matter just as much as animals, if you’re a person I’d guess you would like to think you matter more.

Let’s just say for a moment a dog was about take his walk down the green mile, would you trade places with said dog? Dear loving animal activists or are you the type of person that likes to rant and rave about how much you fucking love animals and hate the existence of human beings?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally think the officials at the Cincinnati Zoo had options, they could have tranquilized Harambe leaped in, hoping the other gorillas wouldn’t respond aggressively and save the little boy. Yay! nothing to blog about, tweet or instagram, in a perfect world the stars would aline and shit would happen the way you always hoped for, but in this case people had to make split second decisions to ensure the safety of human life. But you people haters know nothing about the value of human life because you hate people and love animals, like one can’t exist without hating the other.

What bothers me about this scenario isn’t that people are up in arms about officials protecting human life by taking an animals life, what bothers me is that people are actually putting tons of energy and man power into fighting against the Zoo for doing what any sane and logical person who loves their fucking kid would want them to do for their kid.

What pisses me off is the same people protesting about what happened in Cincinnati could give zero fucks about being participants in making the planet a better place to live, flight for peace, equal rights and abolishing racism, sexism, homophobia etc.

I totally don’t believe these people care about all things “good”, because they’re animal activists, they don’t even care about the life of a three/four year old kid. These same people probably say nigger a lot (I have no proof that they do but I also have no proof that they don’t).

Start giving a shit about human existence first and then we can work on doing right by the animal kingdom or maybe we can even do both at the same time…



4 thoughts on “Dear Animal Activists

  1. I’m glad they saved the little boy! It’s very disappointing that these activists don’t care about an innocent child. And this is so true… I’ve seen so many “animal rights activists” respond vehemently to violence (intentional or accidental) against animals, and yet duck out on issues like racism, sexism, and class-ism in human society. To be quite honest, I don’t think they really love animals… not like they say they do. Because if they did, they would know a lot more about them; I’ve met so many of these “activists” who have no scientific/objective understanding of the animals they’re fighting for. They romanticize nature, they don’t really respect it. They talk like all animals are pure-hearted forest spirits… they seem to be totally unaware of the fact that many animal species, especially primates, have all of the same vices that we do thoroughly incorporated into their own societal structures… animals also engage in racism, sexism, and class-ism against each other. They aren’t much different than us. Plus, I’ve heard from many people of color that they feel uncomfortable/disrespected by a lot of the people in these movements… I’ve been told they feel the whole movement has been overtaken by over-zealous, affluent white people who can’t see how badly they’re treating others. You’re right, I don’t see how we can fix our treatment of animals if we don’t fix how we treat each other first.

    1. I love how you seem to be able to read my mind in your responses and know exactly where I’m coming from. It’s disgusting some of the racist comments made in reference to the little boy’s family coming from people who claim they have a bleeding heart for animals but in the same breath can hate their fellow man for the color of their skin.

      1. Lol, thanks… I swear I’m not doing it on purpose ^-^’. But yeah, the behavior is appalling – Instead of celebrating the rescue of a child, possibly followed by the zoo looking into further safety measures for the future, instead many people are taking this as an opportunity to attack a normal family that just wanted their little boy back. I’ve never seen race-based character attacks on white families that have been in similar situations. If someone can care about animals, but still be racist, the world doesn’t need their help – they’re doing more harm than good. Some of these people have actually tried recruiting me for “the cause” by awkwardly likening the Black struggle in America (i.e. slavery, racism, etc.) to the animal rights struggle. They didn’t seem to understand how I might be a bit insulted and not want to join them.

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