Game of Thrones: S6 E7 “The Broken Man” (Spoilers)

Game of Thrones: S6 E7 “The Broken Man” (Spoilers)

So last weeks post I didn’t touch at all on what’s been going with Arya Stark, after getting her sight back the many face God tasked her with killing an actress from a local traveling theater group.

After watching the performance and speaking with the woman Arya decided that she can’t be “a girl” because bitch she’s Arya Stark! This leaves Arya in a predicament, because the many face God is a “G” about his and you get three strikes then your ass is dead (and you become a face). So he tasked the little blonde haired hater with killing Arya but keeping it cute and not making her suffer.

Arya finds her little sword (the one Jon Snow gave her, I can’t remember its name) and decides she ain’t about that many face life and books passage on a ship heading back to Westeros, except ole girl forgets the threat she received from the many face God, blonde hair douche shanks the ish out of Arya, she gets away using the skills she learned via her many face bootcamp training.

Sansa and Jon are begging for troops with the help of Sir Davos Seaworth, which ultimately from what I could tell leaves Sansa with no choice but to send a note to Little Finger for the Knights of the Vail.

Queen Margaery is a bomb ass actress, she has the high Sparrow thinking she’s been delivert and warns her granny to roll bounce before she gets thrown in the clink. I don’t know what Margaery’s plan is but bish is an awesome actress, she had me fooled I really thought she was delivert.

Jamie Lannister heads to Riverrun to try and regain control of the castle for Fray, Blackfish gives him his ass to kiss and tells him to kick rocks or be bout it and try to take back the castle.

Theon is on the road to becoming Theon Greyjoy, his sister Yara plans to  form some kind of alliance with Dany and run shit all the way back to Westeros in order to take back the Iron Island and over-throw their uncle Theon Sr.(He looks like he could be related to the actor that plays Theon)

And last but not least we find out the Hound in fact did not die where Arya left him, but instead was saved by a Septre joining their peaceful community until everyone ends up dead by the hands of the Brotherhood. With Arya deciding to be Arya Stark and the resurgence of the Hound I think we will see the two crossing paths.

Noticeable absent from this episode; Tyrion Lannister, Lord Varys, The Mother of Dragons, The Dragons, Not Joffery, Brienne of Tarth, The Red Witch, Bran, Meera, White Walkers, the Evil Bitches from Dorne and the Unsully.

I don’t know what is planned for the next three episodes but I think it’s going to be AWESOME!

What did you guys think of episode 7?




3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: S6 E7 “The Broken Man” (Spoilers)

  1. Just saw this one (I’m a little behind, lol)… and it was definitely better than “Hold the Door”. Arya’s one of my favorite characters, and so are Brienne and Tyrion – I was a little disappointed that they weren’t in this episode. I can’t wait to see if Yara is able to forge that alliance! Lmao, that little girl was tough on them when they came begging for troops; loved her performance. I was fooled by Queen Margaery too! She really played the part of the “sinner saved” very well.

    1. Yeah the little girl impressed me, she has guts lol. You have to watch the latest episode I’m going to do a post later this evening promise me you won’t read until after you watch it. 😁

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