Game of Thrones S6 E8 – “No One” (Spoilers)

Game of Thrones S6 E8 – “No One” (Spoilers)

This weeks episode centers around Arya Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Jamie Lannister, The Blackfish and a little of the Hound.

Brienne arrives at Riverrun to find the Kings army lead by Jaimie Lannister (who she’s in love with), she requests to meet with Jamie where she asked for a favor to let her pass through to the gates in order to convince the Blackfish to come to Sansa and Jon’s aide in taking back Winterfell.  Jamie obliges her requests after a small lovers quarrel.

The Blackfish ain’t for taking back Winterfell because he needs to worry about maintaining his current hold on Riverrun. While this is happening his punk ass nephew who is a captive of the Fray is having a conversation with Jamie, where Jamie basically tells ole boy “I’m going to toss your baby boy into the river if you don’t give up Riverrun”. Because the nephew is the rightful heir of Riverrun, this is an easy win, Edmure requests to be let into the castle, but of course the Blackfish demands he isn’t because its a ploy of Jamie Lannister’s to take the castle (and he’s right) upon gaining entry Edmure tells his men to lay down their arms and open the gate. Brienne and her squire get away and make their way back to Sansa.

The Hound finds the men who murdered his new peeps, they were already captured and about to be executed by other men from the Brotherhood. They die blah blah blah, on to the good shit.

Arya gets away from the blonde haired hater and ends up back at the playhouse, Lady Crane (the woman who plays Cersei in the play) comes to her aide and tries to nurse her back to health until blonde hair bitch finds her kills Lady Crane and a great chase ensues. Arya leads blonde haired hater into a back alley where she was sleeping the night she decided she wasn’t about that Many Face God life. Ole girl thinks she’s about to get her life by killing Arya, but Arya proves her wrong. Not only does she kill this hoe, she takes her face back to the temple of the Many Faced Gods and lets dude know, “I’m Arya Stark bitch and I’m going home” (She didn’t say bitch but I feel like she should have).

Back at Kings Landing the High Sparrow demands Cersei’s presence as the temple, he sends her cousin and some other dudes, they try to take her by force and she sicks zombie Mountain on them. She finds out the King (Not Joffery) is giving a royal decree, this decree states that ole girl can’t use zombie Mountain to fight as her champion during her trial because they will no longer be participating in trials by battle.

You guys thought I forgot about Tyrion in Meereen fooled you! So Lord Varys heads back to Westeros, it would seem all is well in the city, Tyrion takes some time to have fun times and drink wine with Gray Worm and Missandei by telling jokes until the shit hits the fan and they realize the little agreement he made with the slavers was bullshit. The slavers and the Son’s of The Harpy are now attacking the city by sea with a huge ass army of ships. But don’t fret the episode ends with Queen bad ass herself Daenarys showing up after her dragon baby drops her off, and she looks pissed.

I’m hoping that Yara and Theon show up in time next week to help combat the slavers, this will solidify an alliance with Dany. It looks like we’re going to see what happens with the war of the north, House Bolton versus House Stark. My guess is Little Finger is going to be a clutch player and show up with the Knights of the Vale, somebody definitely is going to die!

What did you guys think of episode 8? What are you speculations for the final two episodes?




2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S6 E8 – “No One” (Spoilers)

  1. I loved this episode! Arya was really bad-ass, slashing the candle out, and then cutting her opponent down in the dark like that… when she returned to the temple, it seemed like he’d sort of been hoping she would win the fight (I’m glad she won, because I didn’t like the mean girl very much, lol).

    I have to say, even though I hated Joffrey, “not Joffrey” is a really lack-luster king. His decision definitely provided a bit of a plot-twist, but he’s kind of boring… and it seems like kind of a waste to not make full use of such a cool character like zombie guy.

    Daenerys arrived just in time (she always seems to know how to make a real entrance). I love how good she is at strategizing, and having dragons at her behest doesn’t hurt either.

    1. Yes! She had become so good in strategizing, I didn’t think she had it in her but it seems I find myself eating crow. She’s found herself and I’m loving it!

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