Random Thoughts: Not So Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Not So Random Thoughts

There has been so much on my mind the last few days, the massacre in Orlando stands out for obvious reasons.

It’s been all over the news since it happened Sunday morning, I won’t speak about the coward/murderer because too much attention is being thrown his way. I will speak on the victims and how I hope their loved ones find peace as the days go on and find ways to keep the memory of their family members alive.

I can’t imagine how the family members felt receiving those terrifying text messages from their loved ones, it’s heartbreaking. It’s one of the biggest fears of any good parent; to get a call in the middle of the night that your child is in harms way or worse, dead. Which leads me to my next set of thoughts, I’m not religious more specifically I don’t believe in God in the traditional sense, and when I say traditional sense I mean the God you read about from the big three religions those being Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

I don’t understand how the God of those three religions let’s things like this happen (these aren’t new thoughts I’ve always pondered why violence, murder, rape, pedophilia etc., are allowed by such an omnipotent force that is supposedly all seeing, and hearing.) why let someone wage wars in his/her name? Why allow the innocent to suffer and die at the hands of the greedy and evil? No one knows but many have tried to answer my questions by stating that it’s all part of God’s plan and drawback from man having free will. Honestly I don’t know what to think other than that’s a cop out, people don’t know or have the answers they follow their beliefs blindly hoping that generations of these teachings are what they say are.

I can’t believe that God works like that, I think we have it wrong when it comes to this religion thing. I don’t think God’s words are his/her words, I wholeheartedly believe they are mans words disguised to make believers do exactly that, believe in order to control the believer.

I get it hope, faith and belief are powerful and we all want to think that there is something more to what we are and that we come from something spectacular. But that might not be the case.

The “devil” didn’t make that maniac murder those people (if he’s supposedly a participant in the Islamic faith, I’m not even sure if that religion even has a devil, so I how do you rationalize his actions if there is no devil to influence him), God didn’t make him murder those people. He made a decision to pick up those weapons (created by man) to go on a killing spree of innocent people. If I’m all powerful and all seeing why wouldn’t I stop this? Why would I allow my “children” to suffer on a daily basis? I just think we don’t have this god thing figured out.

It’s frustrating because religion has been the bane of most of this worlds existence, I say that because I’m a descendant of the American slaves, why doesn’t anyone find it questionable that a religion that is meant for salvation was introduced to our ancestors at a time that they remained in bondage? Does it make sense that the slave masters tore families apart, raped, beat and murdered slaves for years, but allowed them to worship “their” god.  A god mind you that told the slave masters and their descendants for years to come that black people aren’t equal to them and therefore require dominion over like animals.

Religion has and will always be the biggest form of slavery/control that mankind willingly participates in.

I’m in my bags and I’m sure many won’t get where I’m coming from but these are my thoughts and feelings, I’m growing weary of people telling me to have faith and that it’s all in God’s plan. You mean to tell me a father fucking (excuse my language) his daughter for years is in God’s plan for the daughter? Government’s poisoning the waters of the poor is in God’s plan for those people? A baby being born to meth addicted parents who beat the baby to death is all in God’s plan for the baby? You can’t make me believe an innocent baby who can’t speak and has yet to be influenced by the world, free will or the option of salvation needs to experience that type of pain just to go back to where it came from. Why let it be born? God knows that baby is going to die at the hands of its parents right?

SMH frustration is setting in so I’m going to just end with the world is crazy and unsafe and full of “soulless” people, stay safe, love hard and hope that humanity becomes more human…

Peace and love to everyone struggling with a loss of any kind, the universe has a way of balancing things out or at least I hope that’s the case.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Not So Random Thoughts

  1. That really was a tragedy. Orlando has had so much trouble with shootings it’s not even funny. And many people still don’t think we need tighter gun control in this country (even though we’re one of the only “first world” places where this kind of thing happens).

    But yeah… people have given me that “all in God’s plan” excuse before too, and I’ve always had a hard time swallowing it. It’s lazy, it’s short-sighted, and it’s damaging. Too many people use religion as an excuse to be lazy and not challenge the ills of society. And too many people use religion as a tool to subjugate others, and to stall progress. Ditto on the slavery thing… religion has been used for too long to cover up hypocrisy. A loving god wouldn’t allow one race of people to enslave another. That’s one of many things I was never able to accept about the Bible – how so many of the stories were about the Jewish people escaping slavery right alongside the message that it was okay for them to hold slaves of their own… it always sounded rather self-serving to me.

    Islam and Christianity have a devil, but Judaism doesn’t. Yeah, blaming the devil, or some other supernatural force, for one’s own actions is pretty messed up… and I think you’re right – we really don’t have it figured out. I’m surprised that people aren’t being better educated about the realities of religion, and its history. Most people in this country don’t seem to know that the “big three” monotheistic religions evolved from earlier polytheistic ones (borrowing names, symbols, and stories along the way from multiple cultures), or that the Bible is chock full mistranslations and obscure cultural references that shouldn’t be taken literally. At the end of the day, people aren’t worshiping the God they think they are.

    1. Wow “…people aren’t worshipping the god they think they are” that is a powerful statement and so true.

      1. I agree, but they would say it’s having faith. I had someone tell me that we’re not suppose to question gods plans/word.

      2. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that and wanted to punch the person… Yeah, it’s very hard to argue with people like that, because most religions come with self-serving, built-in excuses to maintain the charade. And there are so many people who seem tailor-made for that type of cult-like thinking.

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