Cribler moi ce? (Cause french is fly)

Cribler moi ce? (Cause french is fly)

Riddle me this?

When people (myself included) say they give zero fucks about something by acknowledging the thing that you give zero fucks about aren’t you inadvertently proving that you actually give all of the fucks about that something?

Why do we expect so much from celebrities/public figures but so little of ourselves? We don’t need a public forum of platform to do good in the world, just go out and do it why are you waiting for your favorite celebrity to fight for a cause you feel passionate about?

Why do we as free American citizens let the government get away with self-serving agendas? Our elected officials have proven over and over that what’s right/good for the people has nothing to do with what they have in mind for themselves.

Why is everything President Obama’s fault? Like can this dude #live. If aliens came down and started a war the republicans would blame President Obama.

How could someone else’s confidence makes “you” feel inferior and ultimately make that the reason why you dislike that person? What the hell does my flyness have to do with you and why do you care so much?

Why do people who have nothing a reasonable person would envy choose to call everyone that dislikes them “haters” when ultimately people dislike them because they’re an asshole.

 Why do we spend time acknowledging negativity that comes from others instead of concentrating on the people that love us and want to see us do well?

Am I the only person who takes offense to the statement “I wish you well”, when its coming from a bitch I know doesn’t wish me well. Bitch keep your well wishes masked in voodoo magic really wishing bad to yo’self, I don’t need that kinda energy coming my way. Now I have to immediately go home and do a spiritual cleansing to combat that fake ass reverse psychological negativity you tryna push on me.

Why do the people who make statements like “You’re not like other black people”, think that shit is a compliment? WTF is that suppose to mean in the first place? I don’t live up to your deranged stereotypical generalization of black people so that makes me different? Maybe don’t place an entire group of people into your little bigot bubble full of misguided opinions/information based on who the fuck knows what.

Why does my opposing religious beliefs annoy so many people? Why am I bad person if I don’t share your beliefs in Christ? I don’t think “you’re” a bad person for believing he’s your savior so why am I bad person because I don’t share in your belief?

Why does “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar make me feel so empowered when I’m around white people?

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One thought on “Cribler moi ce? (Cause french is fly)

  1. I don’t get that about most Americans either… anytime I talk to anyone about how self-serving the people in our government have become, I’m told that it can’t be helped. And don’t get me started on how many people have literally walked up to me and started “explaining” why everything wrong in this country is Obama’s fault. I’m tired of all the racism, and of how American culture (in general) encourages people to be uninformed/misinformed about what our real problems are.

    Lmao, my husband was trying to explain the whole “hater” thing to one of his students a few weeks ago… he tried to get the young man to see that his peers weren’t being “haters” for pointing out that he was expecting far more respect in return than he was giving. I don’t get why so many people are like that.

    Oh yeah! I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard that so-called compliment… Exactly – it always feels like the person paying that compliment has no idea what black people are actually like. Ugh, yes – I can’t stand religious people who claim that their religion is about love and acceptance, and yet aren’t able to love and accept people who hold different beliefs than themselves. It’s so hypocritical. And it always seems to be the people who understand the least about your beliefs who feel the most qualified to judge you.

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