One Nation One BIG ASS Problem!

One Nation One BIG ASS Problem!

If last week is any reflection of what’s to come America will be up shits creek soon!

Unless you’ve been living in a different galaxy (or you avoid issues that have to do with people of color because you’re an ignorant racist) I’m certain you’ve read about and/or seen the violent footage of the deaths at the hands of Minnesota/Baton Rouge police of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Police brutality is nothing new for Americans and it definitely isn’t something new if you just so happen to be black in America. Due to the wonderful advances in technology these types of violent incidents have been captured for the world to finally see that 1) there isn’t this ginormous conspiracy created by black people to somehow dismantle the police infrastructure by lying for a hundred years that we’re brutalized by the police and 2) further proof that some of these officials who elected to take a job to serve and protect shouldn’t probably have the job.

Now this isn’t an anti-police post, there are three jobs I would never do and have the utmost respect for, teachers, firefighters and the police. The individuals that decide to put others first for pay that’s next to nothing and in some cases put their lives on the line daily basis deserve respect and acknowledgment.

But that isn’t the case for the police officers who are clearly unfit to do what the job asks of them, which is to “protect and serve”. No where in that statement does it say “protect and serve only the individuals that I can relate to” or “protect and serve but with racial bias’ “.

America has had a big ass problem on its hands since before the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a problem that many don’t see as a problem and that’s institutionalized and systematic racism. The allowance by the United States government for groups of people to be profiled, brutalized and bullied by a system that’s supposed to be color blind, the system is broken. The infrastructure behind this system is flawed to say the least, and it needs changing from the top down.

If you don’t see a problem with white supremacy/privilege you’re probably part of the problem and the reason why things are they way they are. Equality and justice for all shouldn’t offend you, hearing people of color (as well as non-poc’s) chant “black lives matter” shouldn’t insight anger in your heart and if it does you need to take a look deep down inside and figure out why ensuring that your fellow man is treated with the same dignity, and respect  bothers you so much. Or you may know that you’re a racist and you don’t want your natural god given rights of “superiority” as a white person taken from you. Not sure what that shit can buy you at the grocery store but hey do you boo, continue to not make sense and look ridiculous in a world full of people who don’t look like you or think like you.

Racism is an institution that the world doesn’t need anymore (never needed in the first place), if you don’t believe me ask Alton Sterling or Philando Castile oh wait you can’t…

If WE don’t come together and find a way abolish racism in all of its forms this supposed “land of the free, and home of the brave” will implode, it’s not an impossible feat, it can be done WE ALL HAVE TO WANT IT! WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT IT!




One thought on “One Nation One BIG ASS Problem!

  1. I remembering seeing these stories, and I almost couldn’t watch. I’m tired of hearing about so much bloodshed, so much loss of innocent life, and so much blatant racism. The shame of it is I know so many people who would look at this, and still deny that we have a problem on our hands. I keep hearing about how egalitarian this country is, but I have yet to actually see that ideal in practice. There is no reason that these kinds of things should be happening in a supposedly “advanced” society. We have to do better than this, or the rest of the world will leave us behind in the dust. If white people don’t like us and don’t want us here, they shouldn’t have brought us over in the first place. This is insane. This reminds me of so many articles I’m seeing lately, written by frantic-sounding white people, worried and feeling threatened just because POC babies are beginning to out-number white babies in this country. How are we threatening them just by existing/having children? If they’ve been treating us as kindly as they claim, they have nothing to fear.

    That being said, I love “The Young Turks”. This was a very informative and heartfelt segment, and I’m glad there are well-known media figures out there getting the word out about this issue. I’m just surprised that people like Cenk have to explain to people what “Black Lives Matter” means, when it should be obvious to everyone. My family has had its own… um, “experiences” with the police that have shown us that Black Lives don’t matter. My mom was a serial police-caller. If anyone in the house so much as verbally disagreed with her or put her in a bad mood, she would call the police and tell them that we were “abusing” her. They would come, and she would fake-cry and lie about us… and the cops usually believed her. She almost got my father arrested on several occasions, and he was ordered to go to anger-management therapy once for something he didn’t even do. She almost got me arrested once too. I learned very quickly how dangerous it can be living with crazy white people when you’re a person of color – they can do/say anything they want… and no matter how crazy they get, their life is always worth more than yours.

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