Random Thoughts: #Birthday Edition

Random Thoughts: #Birthday Edition

Today I’m 37 years young for fun I thought it would be great to list 37 things I’ve learned over the last 37 years, LET’S GO!

37) Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, honestly its how you feel and if you treat your mind, body and soul right, 37 looks more like 27.

36) It’s super ok to be immature, my 37 doesn’t look or feel like “your” 37. You might think your 37 looks and feels more like someone who does old lady shit, like knitting I don’t really know what old ladies do because I have the inner spirit of a 17 year old.

35) Growth – it’s just that, every stage in my life has been one of growth and learning something new about myself and about others.

34) Find something you love to do and do that shit unapologetically!

33) Inner peace is way more important than any form of material wealth, when I decided peace of mind, body and spirit was the best thing I needed in order to be a better me. I’ve had way more happy days.

32) Don’t give people power over you through negative energy, when you allow your response to something to be hateful or angry you give away your power. Don’t give away your power.

31) Surround yourself with positive people who genuinely like you and want the best for you, in the words of lil Kim “I got no time for fake niggaz, Just sip some Cristal with these real niggaz, From East to West coast spread love niggazs And while you niggaz talk shit we count bank figures…”

30) Be extremely picky when it comes to selecting friends, I found out the hard way. I wanted to relate to someone so badly at work that I befriended someone that truly didn’t have good intentions or any idea what it is to be a good friend let alone my friend. #NoNewWorkFriends

29) Stand your ground, don’t let others idea of how you should feel about something personal to you dictate how you respond. Its ok to be the black sheep especially if what your standing up for is valid to you.

28) Create a To-Do list of things you actually want to do for the year or maybe two, or five (shit I know I was suppose to learn Spanish like three years ago but that shit is hard and who am I spose to practice with?)

27) Love and respect yourself enough to know when enough is enough, I sat in a relationship with my oldest sons father out of the fear he instilled in me that I wasn’t good enough for love. That no man would see value in me because I had kids. Love yourself first!

26) Say NO to fuckboys (see 27)

25) Being selfish is not selfish, especially when you designate time to be selfish because lets face it we can’t be all things everyone without a lil self love first.

24) My style of parenting isn’t the typical run of the mill parenting, I’m not puttin my kid in sports to keep them out of trouble I’m going to spend time with them and talk to them to keep them out of trouble. Now if they want to participate that’s another thing but I’m not forcing that ish on my kids because its the only way to keep them out of trouble because it’s not.

23) Being different is a blessing not a burden, sometimes it can be lonely on the island of one, but it beats being #basic. Fuck that shit I’m not doing something or buying something because its popular. I ain’t never been popular and I’m not gonna start trying to be either.

22) It’s ok to be “overly” emotional, don’t apologize for having feelings and showing them.

21) “You gotta love me or leave me alone”, if you love me great if you don’t, double great just don’t smile up in my face pretending for whatever reason. I learned that the hard way too, found out a “family” member didn’t like me after I asked said family member on numerous occasions only to find out during a disagreement that said family member didn’t actually like me or see me as family.

20) I’m a procrastinator.

19) I’m defensive.

18) When I love, I love hard, in all forms, romantic or familial.

17) The worst thing a person could to me is lie, trust is super important and if I can’t trust your word how can I trust your intentions or judgement.

16) I love my kids more than anything on this planet.

15) I don’t think the man who is my bio dad is actually my bio dad and I’d love to some day but that doubt to rest and figure out if I share blood with the man. I’m honestly hoping I’m don’t, it would explain why I’m nothing like him. my mother or any of my siblings that I share with him.

14) I suffer from depression (not a lot of people know that about me).

13) I’m queer and I’m proud! (yes I am married to a man, but that doesn’t stop me from being who I am)

12) I tried to commit suicide when I was pregnant with my oldest son, again say no to fuckboys. I’m glad I wasn’t successful because I wouldn’t have met my best-friend and soulmate.

11) I don’t believe in God, not the way most people do. I’ve taken a spiritual journey years ago and I currently live by the mantra of Causality. Religion IMO has too many holes in it that I just can’t get past. I think “Jesus” was probably a dope ass philosopher that got mixed up in the whole religion game because someone thought it would be beneficial to throw him in it to make a better case for Christianity.

10) I thought I was about that pain life until I got my wisdom teeth pulled (all four same time) then I realized I should stop saying I have a high tolerance for pain because wisdom teeth.

9) I didn’t realize I could love waking up to the same person  or spending time with the same person until I met my husband/homie.

8) I found out I was a social introvert when all these years I thought I was an extrovert.

7) Large crowds make me uncomfortable.

6) I’m not a big fan of saving because I feel like its stuuupid, but I’ve been forced into saving because my husband feels like it’s necessary.

5) I’m have very strong opinions about the choices the people I love make, which makes me judgmental, but I feel like it’s ok because I just want the people I love to make better choices. Because better choices are always better.

4) I have the tendency to look at every disagreement as a “right” versus “wrong” scenario. (see 19)

3) I’m my worst critic in all aspects of my life.

2) If I got a do over, there is only one or two things I would change (see 26).





2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: #Birthday Edition

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! You’ve definitely taken great care of yourself, because I’d never be able to guess your age by looking! Lmao @ knitting! Yeah… everyone seems to have this weird idea that life (especially for women) ends at 25. People are living past 80 – what are we supposed to do with the remainder, waste it? I’m glad you want to spend your life growing and having fun. I think our society’s current, dusty definition of “maturity” needs revision; it was formed during an era when people didn’t live very long, and there was no time/energy for anything but survival. We’ve evolved far beyond that, and we should be striving more towards our own mental health and happiness. I can definitely relate to numbers 31, 30, and 12 (I’m glad you survived!). That’s true about number 22 – people always act like we have emotions just so we can learn to hide them. Lmao, yeah… “different” can be lonely, but yeah it’s definitely better than not thinking for oneself. A life spent being yourself is probably better for your health, lol. Again, Happy Birthday, and I hope you continue writing these great blog entries!

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