Jouelzy – “A Complex Conversation on Korryn Gaines”

I think I share in some of Jouelzy’s point of view in this video, I’ve been quiet on this subject, because there isn’t really enough information being provided other than what the police are saying and what a five year old child has said, for me to really give an objective opinion on the matter other than the fact that white male terrorist seem to be given some kind of invisible benefit of doubt (and I’m really reaching when I place this young lady in the same category as a terrorist) but if I’m going to play devils advocate and say she was a terrorist, why couldn’t she be “taken” alive like Dylan Roof and James Holmes who are proven murderers?

This is yet another conversation that we should be having this proves what we already know the current policies don’t work. I like what Jouelzy said in “changing the behaviors of the oppressor/oppressed”.  It’s a long road that we’re on…



One thought on “Jouelzy – “A Complex Conversation on Korryn Gaines”

  1. This is such a shame… I hadn’t heard of this incident until I read your post. I am definitely going to read up on the story, and one thing I already know is exactly what you’ve said – when a domestic terrorist is white and male, a larger effort is made to try and diffuse the situation without loss of life. And a river of excuses usually pours out in defense of the man’s behavior, providing near-absolution of responsibility. If a young white man opens fire on a church full of innocents, we “have to try and understand” him before making harsh judgments. But if police kill a black person, we are fed a narrative explaining why that individual’s life was “worthless” anyway.

    This was a great video, and I agree with her on that too – significant change will not come about through modifying the behavior of the oppressed (and expecting it to “trickle up”)… that’s exactly why abusive relationships don’t work. History provides us with a vast collection of examples proving this very point.

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