Protests & Anthems

Protests & Anthems

I know I’m super late on the Colin Kaepernick protest of the national anthem (side note all this new talk about the racist undertones in the strategically omitted verse of the national anthem isn’t anything new for people who read, we’ve known for years the national anthem was some bullshit that slave ownin’ niggas wrote for other slave ownin’ niggas who proclaimed how great it was to be free and own shit, especially people) by remaining seated or taking a knee until the atrocities of injustice and police brutality towards people of color are acknowledged and rectified by our elected officials and the American people, sue me I’m here now better late than never.

I love how people (mostly racist white people) are outraged by Kaepernick’s lack of “patriotism” but they weren’t/aren’t outraged at the fact that people of color live with the reality that being disenfranchised is one of many afflictions that come along with not being white in America, but hey privilege and shit when it ain’t your problem why care right? It’s super hard to relate to other human beings, but these same people are outraged when a butterfly dies in Zimbabwe.

While I think it’s dope that Kaepernick is using his platform to do something selfless, being the voice for the “voiceless”, I have to pose the following questions, What’s next? He has chosen his stance and his form of protest, but what happens now that the conversation has begun? What are the next steps to be taken to further contribute to fixing the problem? If I play devil’s advocate like I sometimes like to do, the only sure thing IMO the further protest of the anthem without followup will do is increase viewership ratings of 49ers games, and sales of Kaepernick jersey’s.

One of the problems is our country is full of mutes and fucking idiots, the idiots think his protest is an act of treason against proud white American’s because you can’t be a true blue proud American unless you’re white right? And the mutes sit quietly because they don’t want to rock the boat because privilege is dope and everything else seems scary as shit.

I just hope Kaepernick doesn’t give in because he’s forced to by the big wigs of the NFL.

The most ridiculous aspect of this protest isn’t people spending their hard earned money to burn the jersey of a man who receives proceeds of the purchase of the jersey, but John Legends ingenious idea of rewriting the national anthem as if the national anthem is the real culprit behind racial division and injustice in America.

Rewriting the song doesn’t change the minds of people who don’t see a problem with inequality and injustice of their fellow man.




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  1. Exactly – even if we rewrite the anthem, the words will still be printed in racist people’s hearts. I don’t think I will ever understand how these people are able to interpret a cry for help/ a stand against injustice as an act of malicious aggression. I know some people who feel so strongly about his supposed “unpatriotic act” that I’m afraid to speak with them about it. But yeah, I guess that’s what happens when you have so much privilege that it blinds you to the suffering of your own fellow countrymen.

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