2016 Election Do Over or Nah?

2016 Election Do Over or Nah?

IMO we’re SUPER FUCKED in 2017, no matter what the outcome of the 2016 presidential election!

Our choices are an old bitch who I feel like only wants to be president because she’ll be making history, and another old bitch who’s claim to fame is “You’re Fired” and an extremely horrible comb-over forward thingy sitting on top of his head.

I hate our choices! I hate our choices! I hate our choices! Did I say I hate our choices because I fucking hate our choices.

Is it possible if we all band together as citizens that the government would have to put in place an election “do over”? We need more choices, we need better choices, we need logical choices…we need choices my nigga!

If I don’t vote for either one of them, the one I dislike the most could possibly win, if I vote for the independent entry, the one I dislike the most could possibly win.


This wasn’t suppose to happen, this election was suppose to be like 2008 when I was proud to cast my vote for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Dis some bullshit.

Neither has any real plans to fix any of the real issues, all I’ve heard for the last few months is hate mongering, emails, bashing of the hate mongering, FBI investigation of emails, and Mexican walls. I haven’t heard anything pertaining to education reform, jobs, the economy, improving racial conditions, wealth disparity, taxes, global warming, militarized police, the prison population, and terrorism (domestic and foreign).