For Colored Girls who Contemplate knocking a Bitch out when Snitching on a Bitch at work isn’t Enough.

For Colored Girls who Contemplate knocking a Bitch out when Snitching on a Bitch at work isn’t Enough.

Hate is a very strong word, I can count on one hand the few people I can honestly say I hate, but it describes my exact feelings towards a co-worker who I actually thought was cool until I started working with her. I’m trying to empathize and check myself in this current situation by not taking what she is doing personal. Because ultimately it may not be a personal thing. I know for a fact that she hates her job (because she’s expressed to me how much she hates her job when the rest of our team was out of the office) and would like to be doing something other than what we currently do.

That’s all good, but bitch don’t make my life a living hell because you hate what you’re doing, quit and/or find a new job. 70df2e71e30f684988806dcae88ddd0d

I totally get the whole misery loves company thing, but I don’t think that’s the case here, I think
this bitch is lazy and has been getting by with not doing what she gets paid to do for so long that its impossible for her to do otherwise. This would be well and good if I didn’t have to work directly with her.  I heard rumors about how she was before I moved into my current role. But me being an optimist I figured maybe everyone was being a little hard on her, I wanted to see for myself and honestly I thought that maybe I could rub off on her or at the minimum she’d see that her behavior is effecting someone in the same way that she’s complained was effecting her by the team before I came onboard. Boy was I wrong!

At this point I’ve been in “ignore mode”, I only talk to her when I have to or via email for a paper trail, which I hate because it makes me feel like I have to “protect” myself from this person. And lately I’ve been in snitch mode, her behavior has been effecting me in such a way that I’ve had to resort to escalating it to our manager who has escalated it to our “big” boss. I don’t want to be responsible for someone getting fired, but I feel like this chick has got to do better or she got to go! Especially if after being spoken to by the “big” boss her behavior has not changed for the better.

I’ve worked with people I didn’t like before it’s nothing new, but I’m borderline contemplating violence with this chick. Like some old school waiting for her outside the job and whipping her ass type of

Thank goodness for my husband, kids, family, friends and the weekends.

I’m not sure what more I can do, I guess continue documenting any issues and escalating them.  This shit blows big time.

Have any of you guys had an experience similar at work? How did you deal with it? Help a sistah out let’s chat in the comments section, help me stay out of jail…