10 Things I learned…#TheFormationTour

10 Things I learned…#TheFormationTour

Last Thursday I attended Beyoncfrom-tidal-16bd7ea90c70e612bcfc86710667602acd76ee10-s900-c85e’s “The Formation Tour” in Philadelphia, I am a Beyonce fan not to be confused with a “Stan” (A stan is an avid fan and supporter of a celebrity, franchise, film, or group, often a rock/pop musician. The object of the stan’s affection is often called their fave. Based on the song “Stan” by American rapper Eminem, the term has frequently been used to describe artist devotees whose fanaticism matches the severity of the obsessive character named Stan in the 2000 Eminem song. The word has been described as a portmanteau of “stalker” and “fan”) I’ve listened to and appreciated her music since her time as one of Destiny’s Children. I’ve never attended any Beyonce’s concerts, the closest I’ve come to seeing Beyonce in concert was in front of my big screen television on my couch.

Ten things I learned…#TheFormationTour

10.   Never show up at the start time, because the opening act will open and then you will wait an hour in the rain for the Queen to arrive.

9.    Rain of any kind in the cold during an outdoor concert is the bitchiest of bitches.

8.    Beyonce is a BOSS, not only did ole girl perform in the rain, she played in water in the rain. You ain’t about that rain life, shit I ain’t about that rain life and I sat/stood in it for two hours.

7.     Freakum dresses are NOT created equally- If you are built like a sack of potatoes for whatever reason, don’t squeeze your potatoe-y ass into a little black dress for a Beyonce concert no one wants to see that.

6.     When Beyonce say’s she’s flawless, believe that shit…bish performed for two hours in the pouring windy ass rain and not nan eye lash or foundation move out of place.

5.     Uber is the best invention since sliced bread – I Ubered for the first time and it was absolutely pleasant and super convenient. I hate taxi’s/cabs with a passion because of their tendency to be racist towards my people, Uber will not only pick you up while being black they will take you to black ass places while being black. #Winning.

4.     The Beyhive smokes crack, and not regular crack that good crack, you would have to smoke the good crack to pay over five hundred dollars to stand and hope to catch one of Queen Bey’s sweat covered towels.

3.      People eat food in the rain while wearing ponchos…I was perplexed.

2.     Pyrotechnics’s are the bomb when you’re freezing your ass off in the rain and cold. Not to ruin it for those who have yet to partake in the tour of formation but there is fire and fireworks and shit.

1.      So far this is the most entertaining concert I have attended in person (I’m sorry Beyonce fans from the looks of Pink’s tours I’ve watched on TV she has Beyonce beat when it comes to shear entertainment) I’ve seen Beyonces’ tours via HBO specials and they weren’t really anything to phone home about, but this one was really enjoyable from start to finish (in the rain). She is a true professional with a ton of class because my ass would have set a rain date and chucked the deuces for a sunnier day.

Did any of you guys attend the concert? What was your favorite moment? Who should I be on the look out for as far as live performances?




5 thoughts on “10 Things I learned…#TheFormationTour

  1. Oh wow, that sounds f#!king awesome! I’m glad you had a great time, but I’m sorry to hear that it was cold and rainy. Yeah, cab rides can be… interesting (not to mention racist). I remember the first (and last) time I rode in a cab by myself – the driver was a middle-aged Greek man who hit on me and said weird creepy things the entire ride. It began with “what’s your sign?” and went downhill from there (among other things, he told me that riding bicycles is dangerous for women and not good for our figures). That said, Uber sounds like a great alternative! I love Beyonce, and attending at least one of her concerts is on my bucket list, right up there with going to see the BET awards one day. Yes, she always looks flawless, no matter what is going on… it seems almost like a superpower.

    I think the last rainy concert I attended was when NIN came to Philly (I believe that was my senior year in college). And, well… let’s just say they didn’t have Queen Bey’s ability to look flawless in the rain, lol. But I think the most recent concert I attended was a few years back when Apocalyptica (a scandinavian cello-metal group) played at the Electric Factory. They rarely tour in the U.S., so I jumped at the chance to go. Honestly, I’ve been dying to go to a Daft Punk concert, because I hear they throw quite a spectacle, but their tours seem to be few and far between. There’s a rumor going around now that they may tour in 2017, and I’m hoping it turns out to be true. I’d also love to attend an ELO concert, but I’m a little jealous that my dad got to see them live (with all the original members) back in the very early ’80s.

    1. That cabby sounds creepy for sure, those bands sound interesting and super energetic. Daft Punk is definitely one that will keep you out of your seat the entire time, they probably purposely decide against seats so the fans can dance and jump around.

      1. Ha, yes he was! Some of the things he said were so strange/stupid that they belonged in a sitcom. I see, that makes sense about Daft Punk. I love watching their concerts, and I think one of their albums was adapted to an anime movie a while back.

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