Sometimes for fun when things get tough and/or disappointing I sit back reflect and try to find the possible silver-lining in the situation.

It’s almost been a week since Trump was named victor of the United States of America and I’ve actually found a silver-lining in his future presidency.

To all my non-black people of color who have expressed to me in the past that black people like to make everything about race and that black people just need to get over slavery and listen to the police when they stop them for no other reason then driving while black, walking while black, asking for help while black, reading while black, etc., hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make, to the Latinos, and Asians alike, how’s that Trump brand of racism feeling to ya? It’s been almost a week of racist Trump supporters running a muck of our cities, chanting “building the wall”, continuing to call us niggers, tellin’ ya’ll to go back to your “own” countries (when ya’ll was born and raised here) and other delectable racial slurs.



In the words of D’Angelo “how does it feel?”

Yes, I’m petty as fuck, because I’ve been told  constantly in the past that its our fault as black people that racism still exists, by other minorities with whom you would think could empathize with the struggle. But naw, ya’ll niggas wanna relate to the same niggas tellin’ ya’ll asses to go back to your country while chanting “build that wall”, because to ignorant racist mofos, Mexican = Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Cuban because, Spanish!

Yes sir/ma’am this shit is my silver-lining in the Trump debacle, it hasn’t been a full week of the tiny dose of racism that some of ya’ll are experiencing and ya’ll are losing your minds.  We’ve dealt with the shit for years and will continue to deal with it, hopefully ya’ll understand now that there is a REAL need to abolish white supremacy in all of its forms.

Can you hear me now! or am I just playing the “race” card…




3 thoughts on “Silver-linings…

  1. Yes to this! Hopefully other groups of color will understand now that we need each other more than ever. I’m so tired of hearing other groups using that expression “the race card”. It must be so convenient – being able to verbally devalue/stereotype others without repercussion. I hope this teaches them that abusing (what should be) their brothers and sisters in the struggle for equality isn’t going to get them anywhere.

    1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels this way. It’s been super frustrating defending what we know as black men and women in America and to have other people of color disregard our struggles especially when they benefit directly from strides that have been made for equality.

      1. Same here! I’ve had so many non-black friends of color who couldn’t see the hypocrisy in crying racism when mistreated by white people, but then turning around and mistreating black people in the same breath. They shouldn’t benefit from what they don’t appreciate.

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