Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year

Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year

I personally don’t celebrate Christmas (any holiday actually, my household has unanimously voted and decided that our respective birthdays are holidays, if Columbus can be celebrated for starting the semi-genocide of Native peoples we can make our birthdays holidays), not for religious reasons I’m just not interested in participating in a man made holiday that promotes excessiveness and materialism.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t impose my opinion of the holiday on anyone else, if you celebrate great for you. I just don’t understand why I’m interrogated when asked my plans for the holidays after I respond that I don’t celebrate said holidays. Most people don’t know what to say when I give my answer so one of two things happen, there is an awkward pause or an elaborate explanation made by the other party explaining to me why they choose to celebrate. As if my choice to not celebrate makes them feel like they need to supply me with justification for why they choose to celebrate. Do you boo boo, I didn’t ask you what your plans were or if you celebrated why must I receive your Christmas background story?

Although I don’t celebrate there are aspects of the holiday that I do enjoy, people are kinder, caring and giving during the holiday season, which makes me wish Christmas could be like four or five times a year. I enjoy the music, and the decorations, for the most part I enjoy the holiday without actually participating.

One thing I do wish would change about Christmas more than anything is the “farming” and killing of trees so that your gifts have a decorative ornament to chill underneath. Why not opt out of the tree and use your gifts to make an abstract “tree”. You can’t tell me your family members are gonna be mad if they come downstairs on Christmas morning and see a tree made of gifts. That shit would be fly! Clean up would be easy, because all of the gift boxes get recycled, no leaving a dead rotting tree on the curb to be ignored by the garbage men for three weeks.

Anywhooooo…. I hope ya’ll enjoy the shit out of the holiday, be nice to each other, drink eggnog, eat glittered sprinkled sugar cookies, spread cheer and all that jazz!



3 thoughts on “Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year

  1. People shouldn’t be getting all awkward and rude around you when they find out that you don’t participate in their ornamented consumerism; it’s not your fault that they’ve (clearly) never thought about how shallow most holidays are. Yes! Lmao at the “Christmas background story” – apparently, even though my husband and I make food and decorate a little, people keep telling us that we’re “doing it wrong” because we don’t go to church or visit family for it, and oh here’s why we “should” blah blah. Ugh, Columbus Day… I can’t believe how many people got their internal organs in a twist over the mere suggestion at maybe changing it to “Indigenous People’s Day”. It really is a shame about all the trees people kill every year just to have them up for a few weeks to a month inside the house. That abstract “gift tree” is a great idea! I’ve seen people do that, and it looks really pretty! I usually make a small one (fits on the table) out of lace wrapped around a cone and attached to a large candlestick for a base (glue gun really comes in handy). I dab it with a little pine essential oil. I was shocked when a few people casually said to me, “Hm, I guess that’s better than killing a tree… but I’m not artistically inclined, so I guess a few more trees will just have to die at my house.”

    1. Your tree sounds beautiful, I’d love to see more of that. That’s sad those people think that way. I’ve been trying to find more ways to reduce my carbon footprint, I’ve started using vinegar to clean with, it really works just as good if not better than detergents. You’ll have to share pictures of your tree. And it sounds like you and your husband are doing Christmas perfectly fine to me.

      1. Thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t believe how closed-minded they were. Oh wow, I’d heard vinegar is a great cleaning product – glad to hear it really works! I’ll try and get some pics of the tree up soon ^-^.

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