Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas is a feel good dramedy about a family who has lost it’s matriarch, but is trying keep some normalcy within their holiday traditions while grieving and dealing with everything that already comes along with family coming together for the holidays.

This post is less about the movie (not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, I really enjoyed the storyline, and the acting) and more about how it made me feel, it made me feel good and bad.

How did it make me feel good? One of the main reasons I’m  actually looking forward to growing up with my husband is getting to experience being grandparents together. almost_christmas_film
Hopefully better grandparents than our parents are to our children. I’m looking forward to stuffing my little grand-babies with pastries and home cooked meals and feeding their souls and minds with the kind of advice that you can only get from a loving, wise dedicated grandmother.

The bad feelings came from all of the opposite reasons that made me feel good. Knowing my kids don’t have grandparents that are interested in being apart of their lives, knowing who they are because they’re too consumed with whatever it is that they feel is more important than their children and grandchildren.  I know it bothers them because it bothers me. It’s one of the generational cycles that will end with my husband and I just like the cycle we ended with being together in a happy functioning home raising our children together. Not single parents or crazy relationship disfunction like we both witnessed growing up in our respective childhood homes.

I’m looking forward to (years from now) being called “mom mom”, or “nanna”, and knowing my grands can’t wait to spend time with me and most importantly ALL of them knowing that they are loved by grand-mom and pop pop.  I can’t say the same for myself, I can’t positively say the same for my kids, but hey one of our jobs as parents is to give our kids the lives we never had while creating our own traditions for generations to come.

I never want my future grands to question my love for any of them and I’m hoping there will be a lot because I have a lot of love to give…