Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

New city, new job, new MJ?
Season 4 episode 1 one picks up with MJ in the big apple, looking for love and career advancement after being “retired” from SNC. She and Kara are gainfully employed at Great Day NYC (cute) leaving behind the drama of Atlanta?

MJ is ballin evidently, hiring a matchmaker for 20 stacks would have not been on my to do list, two days into NYC, but hey when your biological clock is ticking and a trail of fuckboys is in your rear view mirror sometimes you gotta put up or shut up.

We’re introduced to a slew of new characters including a new love interest Lee aka London, a one night stand that’s bound to be one of two things, an accented fuckboy or a good guy that MJ runs off. Our girl barely knows/is honest with herself how she gonna have a healthy functioning relationship? I wasn’t feeling their first encounter, say word we askin strange niggas we just met to tell us they love us? C’mon son, MJ is an intelligent, successful, attractive single woman with no children, why make her extra desperate? I think the writers were shooting for vulnerability but they overshot that shit by a mile. Super wack! We know MJ wants love but the MJ we’ve grown to love (or hate depends on who you’re asking) ain’t that desperate or is she? Three seasons and four dudes will do that to you, I guess.

Rhonda or Big Dee Dee for all my Half and Half fans, is the reigning queen bee at Great Day, is she a friend or foe? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m betting my money on frenemy.

What’s going to happen with MJ’s family in Atlanta? Where is her little brother PJ? Will David return (I hope not I’m so tired of that dude, let that wack cornball be happy with his baby and baby momma). Is it me or was Niecy’s baby daddy tryna ease his narrow ass back in on some I love you for some taser settlement money type time?

What did you guys think of the first episode of the new season? It was aaaight. Are we here for NYC or nah?