Random Thoughts: White House Down 

Random Thoughts: White House Down 

I’ve been fairly quiet here in the “adventure zone” as it relates to politics and ya’ll president (I didn’t vote for that nigga, so I’m not claiming that nigga).

While I wasn’t expecting any spectacular politically ground breaking shit to happen (You know a government that takes the needs of the people into consideration) if Hillary was elected I definitely didn’t think I’d be on the other side of contemplating purchasing a gun (guns scare the fuck out of me and the fact that buying one is an option says a lot) for protection cause racist niggas are getting bolder now that their president won.

Republicans are running shit which means the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. The next four years are going to be hella interesting to say the least. I’m not delusional I don’t believe Democrats are saints and Republicans are sinners, honestly they can all suck a big one.  Politician is code for self-serving, zero fucks given about the people write me a check I’m for sell type of nigga.

I don’t respect politicians and I kind of wish my president Barack Obama wasn’t in the same category with the devils minions aka dem other politicians.

Is it safe to say we might need Channing Tatum’s fine ass to come rescue the white house from the erratic nonsensical, implusive and immature social deviant that is ya’ll president elect he who shall not be named. I’d probably stay on the channel longer if Channing’s fine ass just stood next to he who shall not be named being fine, when the dickhead is saying stupid shit while press conferencing but I digress…

It’s really laughable that the same nigga who’s famous for saying the words “You’re fired”, on a reality television show will go down in history as the 45th President of Divided United States of America. At least Ronald Regan was a respected actor, I mean he fucked shit up too when he was in office, but at least white people weren’t scared of his shenanigan’s. You know shit is fucked up when white people are shook right along with the rest of us.

In the words of Keisha Cole’s momma Frankie Lyons “MAN DOWN!”.

FAREWELL MR. PRESIDENT, You are a class act that will be hard to follow, especially considering he who shall not be named doesn’t have an ounce of class or respectability in his pinky toe.

It is, what it is…let’s see how this shit plays out.