Being Mary Jane S4 E2 “Getting Naked”

Being Mary Jane S4 E2 “Getting Naked”

being-mary-janeSo I’m slowly but surely losing interest in this show and I blame the writers. Are they looking to cancel the show because if they keep on the path they are going no one will be watching. The only thing that might possibly keep me interested in this show is the eye candy.

Let’s review this pile of crap of an episode.

Is it me are is Kara super annoying so far this evening, why is she so hell bent in creating an opportunity for MJ? I’m confused. So MJ is in awe of Rhonda aka Big Dee Dee, but we all know Rhonda can’t be trusted, well everyone but MJ. Rhonda asks MJ to cover some charity gala award dinner where she’s receiving an award blah blah blah. Kara’s plot is for MJ to do some intel and dig up some dirt on Rhonda, Rhonda is an old “G” and they same plot is on her mind.

MJ ends up finding dirt on Rhonda with the help of Kara and Rhonda’s messy ass husband, MJ ends up feeling sorry for Rhonda and tells her the truth. Rhonda uses that shit and makes herself out to be the victim while screwing MJ in the end and hiring MJ’s former boss (enter eye candy Michael Ealy) at CNN.

In the midst of this MJ plays London boy like we knew she would because her love life is a train-wreck, She doesn’t make sound judgement calls when it comes to men. But somewhere between telling Rhonda the truth and finding out Rhonda hired ole boy from CNN, she feels sorry for herself and goes to find London with his homies in a pub. She explains to him in front of his friends that she’s a fraud and while she wants a good man that’s not entirely the full honest truth, she wants to be the “good” one in her relationships because she’s created this facade that she’s perfect and its taken her a long way sorta kinda. He likes the whole damsel in distress thing and he takes her back. (rolls eyes).

In Atlanta, Niecy is doing exactly what I predicted which is being a dumbass for baby daddy number two.

This show is becoming predictable and there is nothing more that I hate more is a predictable story line. So if I continue to watch, ultimately we’ll see Rhonda and MJ go at it, boooooooring!

Something has got to give, because I was looking forward to this season and now I’m trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel to keep me tuning in.

Am I being too hard guys? Are you losing interest in Being Mary Jane? Let me know in the comments below.

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesday nights at 10pm est on BET



4 thoughts on “Being Mary Jane S4 E2 “Getting Naked”

  1. Oh wow, I’d forgotten that the new season had started. I’d become a little disaffected with the show near the end of last season, and this isn’t sounding completely promising, lol. I’m going to watch it though, to try and stay up to date. I hope there’s some way to save it, because I used to enjoy it so much.

    I don’t think you’re being too hard on it – that really is one of the worst things that writers can do, make their show predictable… it’s a little disrespectful of their audience. And yeah, it does make you wonder whether they’re really trying to keep it on the air. The same thing happened recently with one of my husbands favorite shows… at first, it was funny with an engaging plot, and the different characters’ flaws made the show interesting. But, as season one dragged on, we both began noticing that all the characters were just repeating the same mistakes, and the plot of every episode just seemed to be recycling itself.

    1. I stopped watching the Walking Dead because of that reason, while everyone seems to think the last few seasons have been new and refreshing it just sounds like the same situations happening over and over while introducing new characters. My attention span can’t handle mindless repetition. It’s probably why I haven’t gotten bored with the Game of Thrones, the story continues to progress instead of becoming stagnant. The characters are growing and learning from their mistakes. I guess that has a lot to do with the story coming from a series of books. You kinda can’t get it wrong if the story has been written for you.

      1. Lmao, that’s true! I’m kind of glad they have good source material to draw from. It’s one of the few shows I’ve seen lately where the writers actually seem to be trying to keep the audience guessing. I was surprised the other day, one of my favorite science shows actually did an episode covering “the science of Game of Thrones”. I can agree about the “Walking Dead”… I like zombie stuff, but the show got kind of tired. And it turns me off a bit when it seems like the writers are just slapping a new coat of paint onto an old premise, hoping that people won’t notice.

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