Random Thoughts- Fear & Depression

Random Thoughts- Fear & Depression

I’ve been very vocal on this platform about dealing with depression.

My last bout was close to two years ago, I’ve made some good decision with eliminating or reducing my triggers.

Today is my mothers birthday (she’s a trigger) I feel really sad and overwhelmed with emotions, because I can’t share my life or her life because we have unresolved issues that will be forever unresolved. And I also feel sad because I’ve made the mistake of making my children and my husband my world, and I’m not the center of their worlds anymore. I don’t feel “needed”, I feel useless and I don’t have an outlet because being needed by them has been my purpose for so long.

My husband has a life that doesn’t include me, my daughter is 18 with her own friends, goals and life that don’t include me. My oldest son lives with his father and has decided that I don’t matter. I get it he’s 14 and maybe rebelling against me, doesn’t make it hurt less. My youngest still “needs” me and that’s good, but my feelings have me so out of wack I don’t have the emotional energy to give him.

It’s scary honestly, not knowing what to do with yourself because other people have always looked to you and now that they don’t who am I?

I’ve been someones mom since I was 19 I’m 37, I figured out how to be a mother before I figured out how to be a woman. Every decision I made about this life was for the betterment of my children, I’ve always been an afterthought.

I feel alone…

I need a break…



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  1. I’m sorry about your mother’s birthday – I know how that goes; it brings so many unresolved feelings to the forefront. And I’m extra sorry to hear that you’re feeling under-appreciated – You’re such an awesome and giving person! Sounds like you do deserve a break.

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