10 Things I learned…#TheFormationTour

10 Things I learned…#TheFormationTour

Last Thursday I attended Beyoncfrom-tidal-16bd7ea90c70e612bcfc86710667602acd76ee10-s900-c85e’s “The Formation Tour” in Philadelphia, I am a Beyonce fan not to be confused with a “Stan” (A stan is an avid fan and supporter of a celebrity, franchise, film, or group, often a rock/pop musician. The object of the stan’s affection is often called their fave. Based on the song “Stan” by American rapper Eminem, the term has frequently been used to describe artist devotees whose fanaticism matches the severity of the obsessive character named Stan in the 2000 Eminem song. The word has been described as a portmanteau of “stalker” and “fan”) I’ve listened to and appreciated her music since her time as one of Destiny’s Children. I’ve never attended any Beyonce’s concerts, the closest I’ve come to seeing Beyonce in concert was in front of my big screen television on my couch.

Ten things I learned…#TheFormationTour

10.   Never show up at the start time, because the opening act will open and then you will wait an hour in the rain for the Queen to arrive.

9.    Rain of any kind in the cold during an outdoor concert is the bitchiest of bitches.

8.    Beyonce is a BOSS, not only did ole girl perform in the rain, she played in water in the rain. You ain’t about that rain life, shit I ain’t about that rain life and I sat/stood in it for two hours.

7.     Freakum dresses are NOT created equally- If you are built like a sack of potatoes for whatever reason, don’t squeeze your potatoe-y ass into a little black dress for a Beyonce concert no one wants to see that.

6.     When Beyonce say’s she’s flawless, believe that shit…bish performed for two hours in the pouring windy ass rain and not nan eye lash or foundation move out of place.

5.     Uber is the best invention since sliced bread – I Ubered for the first time and it was absolutely pleasant and super convenient. I hate taxi’s/cabs with a passion because of their tendency to be racist towards my people, Uber will not only pick you up while being black they will take you to black ass places while being black. #Winning.

4.     The Beyhive smokes crack, and not regular crack that good crack, you would have to smoke the good crack to pay over five hundred dollars to stand and hope to catch one of Queen Bey’s sweat covered towels.

3.      People eat food in the rain while wearing ponchos…I was perplexed.

2.     Pyrotechnics’s are the bomb when you’re freezing your ass off in the rain and cold. Not to ruin it for those who have yet to partake in the tour of formation but there is fire and fireworks and shit.

1.      So far this is the most entertaining concert I have attended in person (I’m sorry Beyonce fans from the looks of Pink’s tours I’ve watched on TV she has Beyonce beat when it comes to shear entertainment) I’ve seen Beyonces’ tours via HBO specials and they weren’t really anything to phone home about, but this one was really enjoyable from start to finish (in the rain). She is a true professional with a ton of class because my ass would have set a rain date and chucked the deuces for a sunnier day.

Did any of you guys attend the concert? What was your favorite moment? Who should I be on the look out for as far as live performances?




Game of Thrones Seasons 3 & 4 Overviews


Soooo, I’m taking a break from making videos via YouTube, because honestly I’m just not feeling it at the moment, but I did promise coverage of my favorite show which airs its 5th season this upcoming Sunday. So instead of giving nothing I’m going to at least express via words. Without further adieu…

Season 3 – Game of Thrones

The season picks up where season 2 left off, the war of the five kings is coming to an end, Stannis Baratheon fails at his attempt to storm Kings Landing, Renly Baratheon is murdered and with his death comes the alliances of Houses Tyrell and Lannister/Baratheon. Rob stark has gathered all of his allies in the North and is awaiting his turn to destroy the Lannisters, while at the front line of the war Rob meets this nurse chick and they court kinda and fall in love. In exchange for help Catelyn reaches out to this guy who basically controls this bridge and can help them win the war. He’ll help but only if Rob marries one of his daughters (homies daughters ain’t hot at all I can see why he’s using the war as leverage nobody would marry these chicks in normal conditions). In the middle of this Catelyn’s dad dies so they have to go where she’s from on their way to the bridge dude to pay their respects to her pops.

Tyrion gets sent (I think not sure) to the front line of battle after securing a win for House Lannister at Kings Landing, for which he was shown no appreciation by the devil boy king Joffrey (I hate Joffrey, I think I’ve expressed that on several occasions). Tyrion has a thing for whores and ends up falling for a whore named Shae with whom his father Tywin finds out he’s smashing and threatens Tyrion telling him he needs to leave these hoes alone and stop tarnishing the Lannister name, its bad enough he was born half a man.

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Fan Girl: Ten Reasons you Should be watching HBO’s Game of Thrones


The best series to hit television makes its return on April 12, 2015, so I’m kind of a late comer to the series, I started watching GOT winter break 2013.

I have to say the closer and closer it gets to the premiere date,  I just can’t seem to stop talking about it. I mean I am TOTALLY obsessed with this show and my plan is to make all of you obsessed right along with me. So here are ten reasons why you should start watching Game of Thrones.

1) Tons of Sex – We all love a good love scene, but that’s the best thing about this show no love scenes just raw nasty sex.

2) Dragons – Three of them and they burn and eat people, need I say more.

3) Ice Zombies – with the zombie apocalypse craze going on you know there has to be zombies.

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I just wanted to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has taken time to read my thoughts (and comment).

Thanks for being a part of my weird little world, where I’m just sharing experiences and thoughts, I’ve done the blogging thing before and I think I quit because I did it for the wrong reasons, I’m hoping this won’t be a phase (like my stint as a photography, but that’s another story for another time smh).

I’m going to take it all in and continue sharing and I hope you guys will continue reading and commenting!


Justin Timberlake is My BFF


This is what I tell myself after the most vivid dream I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

A few weeks ago for some odd reason my brain decided to use my imagination in a really odd and entertaining way. Given I am a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music (and some of his acting), but as far as Justin Timberlake the man I don’t have a real opinion about him because… ding ding ding you guessed it I don’t know him personally.

In this dream my husband who is an awesome musician (in case Justin ever reads this post, wishful thinking) was brought on as drummer for the 20/20 Experience Tour. After the show my husband brought me out on stage to meet Mr. Timberlake, I expressed to him Continue reading “Justin Timberlake is My BFF”

No More Tia & Tamera Mowry

So I’m kind of in my feelings over the announcement that my favorite celebrity twin sisters will not be renewing their Style Network E! (at this point I have no idea who owns the shit) reality series, “Tia & Tamera”.

I’m feeling used as fan, why? you may ask. Well honestly I’m not interested in that tv show “Instant mom” and I work a 9 to 5 and even if I didn’t I doubt if I’d be tuning in for the semi-obnoxious daytime talk show that Tamera is co-hosting. I enjoyed the inside look into the twins lives as women, mothers and wives. So the announcement is here and we the fans have to just deal.

I honestly don’t think its cool, they peddled yoga dvd’s,  lactation jizz, and stretch mark cream and leave us with nothing. Not a thank you for being great fans and supporting us (or at least some free dvd’s, lactation jizz or stretch mark cream, ijs), just some lame ass justification of not wanting to allow anything negative to come into their lives any longer and for us the fans to do the same.

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