My Love/Hate Relationship…

My Love/Hate Relationship…

2016-rio-olympics759-1Now that the 2016 Rio summer Olympics have wrapped up and I’ve come down off my high of patriarchal pride filled euphoria, claiming #blackgirlmagic and #AmericaStayWinning, my real feelings towards America start to resurface.

I  have a love and hate relationship with this country. Now don’t get me wrong there isn’t any place on the planet that I’d rather live, because I’ve fallen victim to the bullshit and abuse that is America, more specifically the black experience (I say black experience because I can only speak to my own personal experience which happens to be a black one, I can’t speak for other people of color because I don’t know what it feels like to have their experiences in America, that isn’t to say that the black experience is the only at times horrible experience in this country because I know it isn’t I just can’t speak to those experiences personally) in America. I don’t know what it’s like to be black anywhere else and from what I read and see in the news shit might just be a little worse elsewhere. At least I have the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights Act of 1964 the EEOC, and some aspects of the judicial system to protect me here.

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Cribler moi ce? (Cause french is fly)

Cribler moi ce? (Cause french is fly)

Riddle me this?

When people (myself included) say they give zero fucks about something by acknowledging the thing that you give zero fucks about aren’t you inadvertently proving that you actually give all of the fucks about that something?

Why do we expect so much from celebrities/public figures but so little of ourselves? We don’t need a public forum of platform to do good in the world, just go out and do it why are you waiting for your favorite celebrity to fight for a cause you feel passionate about?

Why do we as free American citizens let the government get away with self-serving agendas? Our elected officials have proven over and over that what’s right/good for the people has nothing to do with what they have in mind for themselves.

Why is everything President Obama’s fault? Like can this dude #live. If aliens came down and started a war the republicans would blame President Obama.

How could someone else’s confidence makes “you” feel inferior and ultimately make that the reason why you dislike that person? What the hell does my flyness have to do with you and why do you care so much?

Why do people who have nothing a reasonable person would envy choose to call everyone that dislikes them “haters” when ultimately people dislike them because they’re an asshole.

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Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Beach and BBQ Season? WTF

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks off Beach and BBQ Season? WTF

For most American’s Memorial Day means it’s time to head to the beach (In Philly it means going down the shore) and/or sparking up your grill.

What I’m confused about is how a holiday that is suppose to commemorate the deaths of the men and women who served in our armed forces, translated into hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, potato salad and beaches.

It seems that the only people celebrating Memorial day the way it was intended are people remembering the lives of their loved ones who perished in some war America decided it needed to be apart of.

Given we all feel like we’re doing our parts by giving shout outs via social media, but for the most part we, myself included see the holiday as means to gather with our family and friends who may or may not have served  in the armed forces to partake in grilled foods, salty snacks, cold salads, beer/spirits and shit talking.

It kinda seems is ignorant (and selfish) as hell of us, again myself included to be happy and excited about a three day weekend that we were given at the cost of a whole lot of people losing their lives. I think we should only be allowed to take off on Monday if we lost a loved one who served in the armed forces or plan on doing something service related, like spending time with vets at a nursing home. Seems fair to me, roll your eyes if you want but you know in your heart I’m right. Ain’t nan one of us doing a damn thing close to commemorating the deaths of those who served in any of the wars of the past.

While I appreciate my day off, I think the celebration of the holiday is one of many reasons America has a bad rap.

Only in America does fallen soldiers equate to the kickoff of beach and bbq season.


Non-White History Optional?

If you live in America, studied in America or vacationed in America you probably know it’s the most hypocritical country of all countries. For instance the saying “home of the brave, land of the free”, implies equality for all. But what it really means free for all but the people of color; enjoy that struggle life.

I appreciate the fact that February is black history month, a month that celebrates the lives, innovation, and contributions of Americans of African decent. What I hate about all of the designated POC months is the contradiction of having the option to learn about people of color on their designated months within the year. For instance Spanish heritage month is in September, Asian-Pacific heritage month is in May; you get where I’m going with this? Why aren’t the people who help make this country a mandatory part of American history?

Why aren’t people of color included in American history? Outside of blacks in reference to slavery and the natives in reference to the massacres of a nation of the people who occupied this land before the Mayflower showed up? (I’m sure American history doesn’t reference that time in history as a massacre it’s probably something way more romanticized in way that makes the natives the enemy and deserving of their ultimate demise).

When I was in grade school I would’ve have loved to learn about the immigration of Asian, Latino, East European, Middle Eastern Americans.  Why is history purposely left out of history? Whites, Blacks and Native Americans aren’t the only contributors to American history; in the case of blacks and Native Americans history only talks of the victimization of both cultures, not the contributions. I learned of the black contributions in history during black history month, it wasn’t a part of the core curriculum in grade school, high school or college. You could study “other” history in certain colleges/universities as electives.

Say word? Learning about anyone or any instance in American history that doesn’t include White people is an elective. WTF

Happy Black History Month…


Dear Stacey Dash

Dear Stacey Dash,

I don’t know you at all and from what I do know of you; you’re gorgeous, you have mediocre acting capabilities and somewhere along the way in your life, you lost your way. Why do I say this? Because you’re constantly spewing illogical, idiotic and all the time offensive statements on behalf of black people across America.

I’d like to ask you, who made you the representative for black people? Who made you a representative for people at all? Why do you hate black people so much? And how do you sleep at night? I’m going to go ahead and assume you sleep well because your Fox check cleared and I’m also assuming it has to be a hefty check for you to go on television and make such a fool of yourself on a constant basis.

I honestly blame your parents, they probably taught you not to “see” color and this is the type of irrational individual, that mindset produces. You’re so disconnected from American culture let along African American culture in America.

I don’t want to repeat your latest offenses, because they’re just too fucking stupid to repeat.

I’m hoping that you are just super hard up for some coin and is doing this wholeheartedly on some “hoe shit” (in the words of Erykah Badu). That, I can make sense of, if you actually believe the shit that comes out of her mouth I really don’t know what more to say.

There is no doubt that you are indeed clueless, you may also be lacking or missing some extremely important brain cells and if that is the case I hope you get the help that you need.

And for the record, no one asked you to speak on behalf of black people please stop doing it, we don’t want or need your kind as a representative.


Shout out to Funky Dineva for renaming Stacey Dash – Confetti for brains Dash

Rachel Doelzal


(image source)

(CNN) The racial identity of one of the most prominent faces in Spokane, Washington’s black community is under question after her parents produced a birth certificate that showed she is white.

Rachel Dolezal, 37, is the head of the local chapter of the NAACP and has identified herself as African-American. But her Montana birth certificate says she was born to two Caucasian parents, according to CNN affiliate KXLY, which also showed an old family photo in its report.

CNN tried to reach Dolezal for comment by emailing and calling her late Thursday night, but was unsuccessful. Likewise, CNN was also unable to reach Dolezal’s parents.

Identifies as African-American

Dolezal has represented herself as at least part African-American in an application for the police ombudsman commission.

And she has presented the public with a different family photograph posted to the local NAACP chapter’s Facebook page. When she announced her father was coming to town for a visit, she showed herself standing next to an older African-American man.

Dolezal’s public racial identity came under scrutiny on Thursday, when a reporter from KXLY held up that photo asked her a simple question.

This is how the conversation went:

“Is that your dad?”

“Yeah, that’s…that’s my dad.”

“This man right here’s your father? Right there?”

“You have a question about that?”

“Yes ma’am, I was wondering if your dad really is an African-American man.”

“That’s a very — I mean, I don’t know what you’re implying.”

“Are you African-American?”

“I don’t understand the question of — I did tell you that, yes, that’s my dad. And he was unable to come in January.”

“Are your parents…are they white?”

Dolezal walked away from the microphone, leaving her purse and keys, and took refuge in a nearby clothing boutique.

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