Being Mary Jane S4 E2 “Getting Naked”

Being Mary Jane S4 E2 “Getting Naked”

being-mary-janeSo I’m slowly but surely losing interest in this show and I blame the writers. Are they looking to cancel the show because if they keep on the path they are going no one will be watching. The only thing that might possibly keep me interested in this show is the eye candy.

Let’s review this pile of crap of an episode.

Is it me are is Kara super annoying so far this evening, why is she so hell bent in creating an opportunity for MJ? I’m confused. So MJ is in awe of Rhonda aka Big Dee Dee, but we all know Rhonda can’t be trusted, well everyone but MJ. Rhonda asks MJ to cover some charity gala award dinner where she’s receiving an award blah blah blah. Kara’s plot is for MJ to do some intel and dig up some dirt on Rhonda, Rhonda is an old “G” and they same plot is on her mind.

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Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

New city, new job, new MJ?
Season 4 episode 1 one picks up with MJ in the big apple, looking for love and career advancement after being “retired” from SNC. She and Kara are gainfully employed at Great Day NYC (cute) leaving behind the drama of Atlanta?

MJ is ballin evidently, hiring a matchmaker for 20 stacks would have not been on my to do list, two days into NYC, but hey when your biological clock is ticking and a trail of fuckboys is in your rear Continue reading “Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid””

Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E7 – “If the shoes fits…”


“Get it…you deserve it!”– Says the 80% of American’s living in debt

It’s yo burfday! Who in thee hell spends thirty geez chief on a got damn purse? MJ that’s who (in my Jim Jones voice “Ballin”). What in the royal fuck is wrong with people? On my richest day you wouldn’t catch me wasting money on somebodies Birkin bag. Hell to the naw!

Like for real it’s a fucking bag yo! You put shit in it that doesn’t come close to the price of the bag.  The car (Tesla) was hot though, she basically purchased four cars. (As ya’ll can see I can’t get over the freaking bag purchase)

Mark is moving and selling his home and MJ is upset about it. MJ can’t enjoy her burfday because the world hasn’t stopped turning in her honor. Momma Patterson has an accident and MJ rushes to the family house to see about her after a call from her brother Patrick. She finds her brother in the kitchen preparing a cake and PJ shows up from LA, which leads MJ to believe the family is preparing a big shindig for her burfday.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane, S3 E1 & 2


So I really have enjoyed this show from the début of the mini series that turned into the television series a few years back. I’ve decided that it’s worthy of a weekly recap for those on the fence about viewing and anyone looking to discuss on this platform.

Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) is a single woman with style, class and a high-powered career as a host of a popular news program. On paper, she has it all, except one thing…love.”

Season 3 of Being Mary Jane picks up from the season 2 finale, Mary Jane getting into a really bad accident after overhearing a telephone conversation between her best friend Lisa and her ex-boyfriend with whom she’s still in love with.

Evidently thirst bucket Lisa, who is definitely no ones friend. Had a thing for David whom she met before Mary Jane was introduced to him. David placed Lisa in the friend box, but that didn’t stop her from cleaning his pipe at some point after he and Mary Jane broke up. David and Mary Jane have had a tumultuous relationship since the inception of the relationship.

From the looks of the accident last season it didn’t look too bad, but evidently the writers and producer’s needed to up the ante with the story line.

So we find out that Mary Jane has basically broke her face, (if you know what Gabrielle Union looks like than you already know she’s gorgeous) she’s needs her face to report the news, so obviously this is a game changer for SNC who isn’t interested in keeping her trouble making ass around anymore. So if her face is jacked up and they can spin her being intoxicated while behind the wheel, they can kick ole girl to the curb.

Her father gives David a miny beat down after finding out what happened to lead Mary Jane accident. Her BFF runs like a biatch once the fisticuffs come out.

So Mary Jane’s face is broke (she has to get plastic surgery to fix the damage caused by the accident) her job is on the line, her best friend screwed her ex man at some point and now she has the guilt of hurting someone else. Enter CeCe played by Loretta Divine, initially CeCe seems like a sweet old lady who doesn’t have insurance and is part of the accident. (we’ll get to see ole girl is smart as hell and a hustler when we get to episode 2) Mary Jane visits her in her room (she initially was stuck in the hall until MJ said something to the staff) and chats her up, apologizing for the role she played in the accident and upon leaving the hospital sends a check for 3k her way.

Episode 1 is pretty uneventful, there are other little stories happening involving MJ’s eldest brother Patrick who is a recovering addict, left to care for his youngest daughter last season after her mom was locked up for shoplifting.

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