Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid”

New city, new job, new MJ?
Season 4 episode 1 one picks up with MJ in the big apple, looking for love and career advancement after being “retired” from SNC. She and Kara are gainfully employed at Great Day NYC (cute) leaving behind the drama of Atlanta?

MJ is ballin evidently, hiring a matchmaker for 20 stacks would have not been on my to do list, two days into NYC, but hey when your biological clock is ticking and a trail of fuckboys is in your rear Continue reading “Being Mary Jane – S4 E1 “Getting Nekkid””


Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E8 – Wake up call


Sorry guys I haven’t watched the show but here is a great recap as well as the full video if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it. As quickly as I’ve fallen in love with this season it seems I’ve fallen out of love just as fast. I’m slowly realizing the writers are all over the place, and I’m losing interest. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I actually watch last nights episode, but enjoy and tell me what you thought in the comments!


Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E7 – “If the shoes fits…”


“Get it…you deserve it!”– Says the 80% of American’s living in debt

It’s yo burfday! Who in thee hell spends thirty geez chief on a got damn purse? MJ that’s who (in my Jim Jones voice “Ballin”). What in the royal fuck is wrong with people? On my richest day you wouldn’t catch me wasting money on somebodies Birkin bag. Hell to the naw!

Like for real it’s a fucking bag yo! You put shit in it that doesn’t come close to the price of the bag.  The car (Tesla) was hot though, she basically purchased four cars. (As ya’ll can see I can’t get over the freaking bag purchase)

Mark is moving and selling his home and MJ is upset about it. MJ can’t enjoy her burfday because the world hasn’t stopped turning in her honor. Momma Patterson has an accident and MJ rushes to the family house to see about her after a call from her brother Patrick. She finds her brother in the kitchen preparing a cake and PJ shows up from LA, which leads MJ to believe the family is preparing a big shindig for her burfday.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E6 – Don’t call it a comeback


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

A girls night out is how this episode begins, MJ and a few of her journalist friends have girl talk at a lounge. I think this is the best part of the series for me watching grown mature adults have some shallow, some very intellectual conversation whether that be in MJ’s home over dinner or at a night club.

White chocolate makes an appearance (evidently she was hoping to see him which explains the choice in venue), it seems MJ is taking Mark’s advice in not seeking anything serious with cutty buddy. But by her going to the club waiting like some kind of stalker for white chocolate to show up she’s doing the exact opposite of what he told her, which is to let love come to here. She’s a glutton for punishment.

MJ gets boy advice from her new stylist enlisted by her friend Nichelle.

I hate that MJ is semi selling out, because she wants to focus all her energy in catching a new man. Just reaffirms the silly notion that all a woman needs is some good “D”/a man all will be right with the world.

Cutty buddy has a seizure after a session with MJ, she’s so fucking insensitive! How are you gonna say “seizures aren’t silly” when this dude was there for you when you lost your best-friend, through yo ugly cry . C’mon SON! I get not wanting anything serious with dude but at least be a little sensitive to his medical issues.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E5 – Hot Seat


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand

SNC decides MJ still is not ready to go back on air, she pulls a power play and donates to Rainbow Push Coalition in hopes it could give her leverage in forcing SNC to put her back on the air. This helps but not in the way MJ was expecting it to, which is to be back on air in a few days instead of a few weeks which was the offer given to SNC by Rainbow Push Coalition; who is backed by Jesse Jackson. When asked by a horde of journalist when she would be back on primetime, MJ answers to everyone’s surprise “Monday”.

MJ later takes back her donation and realizes she made a mistake in speaking with the news on her return.

Niecy is in her feelings, her father Patrick is getting himself together in hopes of being a better father for his younger daughter. I get why she’s pissed but at the same time she’s a grown woman with kids, she should give her dad a pass considering he wants to change for the better. Yeah it’s not beneficial to her or her sister, whom both share the same parents, but she should want to see her younger sister benefit from his change. Especially since baby mama is an ex-con ex-addict. Niecy is being team too much IMO, evidently she called her mother and we finally get to see Jilly from Philly. (Yay)

MJ heads off with Greg, SNC executive asshole, I really don’t like him but he makes some really great points on how unprofessional and ungrateful MJ is.

Niecy and Mama (Jackie) reunites at Mama and Daddy Patterson’s house, I love the shade Mama Patterson always throws. They talk about work and helping Niecy get to where she wants to be in life.

MJ hits the town with Mark and her new hair cut, they talk over drinks about the potential of cutty buddy becoming her man. Mark gives great advice about MJ waiting for the one to find her, which I agree with. When you force the hand in trying to find a relationship it usually doesn’t turn out to be right. There’s talk of “tops” and “bottoms” and MJ catches the eye of sexy white chocolate.

MJ is back on air, I think Greg tried to sabotage her to prove his point about her not being prepared. I’m glad she was actually prepared and able to keep it moving after the teleprompter “broke” down.

Niecy is a cunt, she gets in her feelings as usual, her character really annoys me.

MJ celebrates her return, I love that she took the criticism she received from Greg as constructive criticism and is putting in effort to be #flawless.

Patrick reunite’s with baby mama Jackie, (I love Jill’s short hair) they reminisce and Jackie let’s Patrick know he needs to put his foot in Niecy’s ass. He let’s her know she needs to be an active participant in their daughters lives. She apologizes for leaving when times got rough for him, and admits her job isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks. Of course they get it in, come on it’s being Mary Jane, sex is a given.

MJ heads out for another night on the town with Kara who can’t make it out after all, but surprisingly white chocolate makes his move, could he be the one? Mark did say wait for the one to come to you and white chocolate shows up. They have a little make out session at the club. (I’m sorry being fingered in the club by some strange dude is not cute)

Jilly from Philly departs leaving Niecy to continue being a cunt as usual, but gives her great advice on getting her shit together.

MJ admits to Mark she kissed her first white boy, MJ is unimpressed with the numbers, but Kara finds a way to make her feel better about it. The episode ends with MJ at home with a glass of wine and cigar in hand all smiles enjoying her moment.

Noticeable absent this episode was CeCe, this episode definitely felt like a filler, but all in all it wasn’t bad.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E4 – Being Kara


“We must let go of the life we have planned… to accept the one that is waiting for us” – Joseph Campbell

The writers of this show are definitely giving us what we need in a storyline this season. MJ is breaking down the wall and showing some fragility, I love seeing the “human” side of her.

I love, love, love, that we’re getting an in-depth look into Kara’s world, I felt like seasons one and two should have given us more insight on what makes her tick, but I get why it didn’t.

What we know about Kara is that she works her ass off, and her family comes second. Finding out her son potentially has a learning disability adds to her already hectic life. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but if you’re a career driven woman you probably shouldn’t start a family #imjustsayin. And as we saw in the episode Kara agrees, she admitted something that most women will never admit, being a mother is hard as shit and it isn’t for everyone. Just because you have the ability to have a child(ren) doesn’t mean you should especially when you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E3 – Sparrow


“We choose our fears and sorrows, long before we experience them.” – Khalil Gibran

So Mara Brock Akil tricked us into thinking something bad happened to MJ’s mama with all the anticipation leading up to last night’s episode. Fortunately for us, Mama Patterson will be around to bestow her jewels of wisdom upon us for another week.

Unfortunately we have to give an ***Spoiler Alert***  R.I.P to Dr. Lisa Hudson, it seems that with all the issues Lisa carried with her throughout her life, the fall out with MJ was the last straw. After cooking and eating her last meal, ceremoniously cleaning and dolling herself up, Lisa takes a shit load of prescription medicine with a glass of wine. At the same time MJ is in her bathroom tending to her face, she feels a little ill, which in my opinion I think her feeling ill at the moment Lisa dies is an indication of how connected they were even after all the drama over the past few years.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane, S3 E1 & 2


So I really have enjoyed this show from the début of the mini series that turned into the television series a few years back. I’ve decided that it’s worthy of a weekly recap for those on the fence about viewing and anyone looking to discuss on this platform.

Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) is a single woman with style, class and a high-powered career as a host of a popular news program. On paper, she has it all, except one thing…love.”

Season 3 of Being Mary Jane picks up from the season 2 finale, Mary Jane getting into a really bad accident after overhearing a telephone conversation between her best friend Lisa and her ex-boyfriend with whom she’s still in love with.

Evidently thirst bucket Lisa, who is definitely no ones friend. Had a thing for David whom she met before Mary Jane was introduced to him. David placed Lisa in the friend box, but that didn’t stop her from cleaning his pipe at some point after he and Mary Jane broke up. David and Mary Jane have had a tumultuous relationship since the inception of the relationship.

From the looks of the accident last season it didn’t look too bad, but evidently the writers and producer’s needed to up the ante with the story line.

So we find out that Mary Jane has basically broke her face, (if you know what Gabrielle Union looks like than you already know she’s gorgeous) she’s needs her face to report the news, so obviously this is a game changer for SNC who isn’t interested in keeping her trouble making ass around anymore. So if her face is jacked up and they can spin her being intoxicated while behind the wheel, they can kick ole girl to the curb.

Her father gives David a miny beat down after finding out what happened to lead Mary Jane accident. Her BFF runs like a biatch once the fisticuffs come out.

So Mary Jane’s face is broke (she has to get plastic surgery to fix the damage caused by the accident) her job is on the line, her best friend screwed her ex man at some point and now she has the guilt of hurting someone else. Enter CeCe played by Loretta Divine, initially CeCe seems like a sweet old lady who doesn’t have insurance and is part of the accident. (we’ll get to see ole girl is smart as hell and a hustler when we get to episode 2) Mary Jane visits her in her room (she initially was stuck in the hall until MJ said something to the staff) and chats her up, apologizing for the role she played in the accident and upon leaving the hospital sends a check for 3k her way.

Episode 1 is pretty uneventful, there are other little stories happening involving MJ’s eldest brother Patrick who is a recovering addict, left to care for his youngest daughter last season after her mom was locked up for shoplifting.

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