Dream Manifestation?

Dream Manifestation?

I believe that our dreams tell us something, I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I think there are messages in our dreams that our subconscious needs to get through to us when our minds are at its quietest. A way of talking to us about our fears, dreams, insecurities and intuitions.

I had a very vivid dream two nights ago, a dream that I wrote a musical as well as a novel. I could see and hear the actress singing the song that I wrote so clearly, it felt so real and powerful.

I’m definitely not a “seasoned” writer I wouldn’t call myself a writer at all honestly (I feel like it takes more than writing your random thoughts and opinions on pop culture and life in a cynical and sometimes comical way to be considered a writer), I didn’t major in English or Journalism in college, but writing has been a passion of mine since I was about twelve (I was told I was pretty good at it by my friends and teachers). I would write short stories, plays and poetry.  As I grew older and life begin doing its thing I slowly started to lose my passion for writing.

I started to write again about six years ago when I documented my “natural” hair journey on my very first blog “Naturale Newbie”. From there I slowly phased out of writing about my hair journey and more about my life journey.

My interpretation of the dream is that my subconscious is telling me to continue writing, whether that’s a manifestation of the play or novel I wrote in my dream or writing more frequently here in the safe haven that I call “adventures of T”.

Have you guys ever had a dream that made you think or pushed you to do something that you were contemplating doing?





Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that you couldn’t help but feel it was really happening?

I had a dream last night that my husband had a female manager (he’s a musician) that he knew was in love with him, but insisted that this woman remain his manager.

It’s just a dream right? WRONG! I woke up this morning mad as hell! YES you read correctly, I woke up super mad at my husband over this dream. Sounds ridiculous, but I was seriously in my feelings about this dream. I love my husband and I trust him more than I trust anyone else in this world, but this shit had me seriously in my feelings.

In the dream he kept dismissing my feelings, knowing damn well this chick was in love with him. Now I’m no dream interpreter by far, but I’m thinking WTF does this ish mean?

My interpretation, maybe the dream was a analogy for how I feel he hasn’t listened to me in the past concerning his relationships with others and choices with his career. Most times I disregard dreams but I was especially bothered by this dream, I don’t like for my feelings and concerns to be dismissed especially in regards to my husband and children (anyone else who cares)

I know this is extremely silly, please excuse my crazy.


Justin Timberlake is My BFF


This is what I tell myself after the most vivid dream I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

A few weeks ago for some odd reason my brain decided to use my imagination in a really odd and entertaining way. Given I am a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music (and some of his acting), but as far as Justin Timberlake the man I don’t have a real opinion about him because… ding ding ding you guessed it I don’t know him personally.

In this dream my husband who is an awesome musician (in case Justin ever reads this post, wishful thinking) was brought on as drummer for the 20/20 Experience Tour. After the show my husband brought me out on stage to meet Mr. Timberlake, I expressed to him Continue reading “Justin Timberlake is My BFF”