A Year in Review


I have to say all in all 2015 was a pretty dope year for me, I lost about 20lbs of which 5 I gained back over the fourth quarter. (#kanyeshrug I like food a lot). I had some really fun adventures with my children and husband and I’m looking forward to many more.

I ended friendships that needed ending, they weren’t real to begin with I foolishly ignored the red flags.

I finally stopped trying to force a relationship with my mother on myself (I know that makes absolutely no sense at all, but it does if you’ve followed this blog throughout the year)

I had a mini-emotional break down, but worked through it with my support system aka hubby. And I feel stronger coming out of the other side of it.

I dedicated a lot of money and some time to causes that will help others, hopefully 2016 will be more giving, equal amounts of time and money.

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Random Thoughts: Star Wars and other Funny ish


A clear sign that someone isn’t a Star Wars fan, when you make witty/quirky references and silence is the only response. Evidently a friend of my husband didn’t get the memo. He’s been making Star Wars references for god knows how long to one of his friends, and while in attendance for the latest reference my husband poses the question to the friend “Are you a Star Wars fan?” his response is, “No, not really”.

LMAO! This is priceless, I couldn’t make it up if I tried. So the other friend responds, “I’ve made Star Wars references for like ever and you never said anything, letting me look like a jerk…I’m going to have to reevaluate our friendship”. 

I thought this was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a minute. As a friend why would you continue to let your friend make references about something you clearly have no background of? It just seems like a cruel, hella funny joke, why not just say “hey friend, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, can you please stop or clue me in.” LMAO!

Have you ever gotten a response from someone and it took you a good 10 minutes to reply back and the only thing you could say was “true”, because you didn’t know how to answer? No, my hubby did and I almost rolled out of my seat laughing because I knew that “true” wasn’t the real response he wanted to give.

I like to read and/or watch hilarious things on public transportation so that people can look at me and wonder what’s so funny. Is that weird? #kanyeshrug

I have the best laughs with my husband, our humor is almost identical. He gets me and I get him, its awesome to have someone to laugh with even when no one else gets it…


Immature? I think Not.


Anytime I have experience being labeled/called immature, it was always used as a negative connotation towards my “lack” of development in some way or another, more so related to “acting ones age”(whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean).

I mean I get it the word immature basically means lacking/under development of some sort, whether it be physically or emotionally. But since when did enjoying children’s cartoons, video games or anything that isn’t “age appropriate” for adults equate to immaturity?

Why does getting older always mean to some people acting like the joy snatching old lady that lived on everyone’s block growing up? Why do I suddenly have to become a joyless drone, only entertained by “old” people shit?

I can sit and watch a marathon of Teen Titans with my kids and be fully entertained, just as I can sit and converse about the climatic impact our consumption of natural resources is having on our planet. One doesn’t negate the other, so why must I choose to always “act” like an adult just because I’m thirty-five years young? I enjoy blowing bubbles, laughing at my seven-year old when he belches or passes gas unexpectedly while dancing to a commercial he’s watching on television. Why does the enjoyment of those things make me immature?

Will Ferrell got it right “Immature is a word boring people use to describe fun people”, stop taking life and yourself so damn serious and have some fun already.