Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E7 – “If the shoes fits…”


“Get it…you deserve it!”– Says the 80% of American’s living in debt

It’s yo burfday! Who in thee hell spends thirty geez chief on a got damn purse? MJ that’s who (in my Jim Jones voice “Ballin”). What in the royal fuck is wrong with people? On my richest day you wouldn’t catch me wasting money on somebodies Birkin bag. Hell to the naw!

Like for real it’s a fucking bag yo! You put shit in it that doesn’t come close to the price of the bag.  The car (Tesla) was hot though, she basically purchased four cars. (As ya’ll can see I can’t get over the freaking bag purchase)

Mark is moving and selling his home and MJ is upset about it. MJ can’t enjoy her burfday because the world hasn’t stopped turning in her honor. Momma Patterson has an accident and MJ rushes to the family house to see about her after a call from her brother Patrick. She finds her brother in the kitchen preparing a cake and PJ shows up from LA, which leads MJ to believe the family is preparing a big shindig for her burfday.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E6 – Don’t call it a comeback


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

A girls night out is how this episode begins, MJ and a few of her journalist friends have girl talk at a lounge. I think this is the best part of the series for me watching grown mature adults have some shallow, some very intellectual conversation whether that be in MJ’s home over dinner or at a night club.

White chocolate makes an appearance (evidently she was hoping to see him which explains the choice in venue), it seems MJ is taking Mark’s advice in not seeking anything serious with cutty buddy. But by her going to the club waiting like some kind of stalker for white chocolate to show up she’s doing the exact opposite of what he told her, which is to let love come to here. She’s a glutton for punishment.

MJ gets boy advice from her new stylist enlisted by her friend Nichelle.

I hate that MJ is semi selling out, because she wants to focus all her energy in catching a new man. Just reaffirms the silly notion that all a woman needs is some good “D”/a man all will be right with the world.

Cutty buddy has a seizure after a session with MJ, she’s so fucking insensitive! How are you gonna say “seizures aren’t silly” when this dude was there for you when you lost your best-friend, through yo ugly cry . C’mon SON! I get not wanting anything serious with dude but at least be a little sensitive to his medical issues.

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Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E3 – Sparrow


“We choose our fears and sorrows, long before we experience them.” – Khalil Gibran

So Mara Brock Akil tricked us into thinking something bad happened to MJ’s mama with all the anticipation leading up to last night’s episode. Fortunately for us, Mama Patterson will be around to bestow her jewels of wisdom upon us for another week.

Unfortunately we have to give an ***Spoiler Alert***  R.I.P to Dr. Lisa Hudson, it seems that with all the issues Lisa carried with her throughout her life, the fall out with MJ was the last straw. After cooking and eating her last meal, ceremoniously cleaning and dolling herself up, Lisa takes a shit load of prescription medicine with a glass of wine. At the same time MJ is in her bathroom tending to her face, she feels a little ill, which in my opinion I think her feeling ill at the moment Lisa dies is an indication of how connected they were even after all the drama over the past few years.

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