The Law of Attraction


My boss asked me a few weeks back, how is it that I’m always so bubbly and happy? My answer, “because I choose to be”. I told him that about 12 years ago I was miserable and all I did was complain about how things were going wrong in my life and how things weren’t changing/happening fast enough.

Then an ex-friend of mine told me about The Law of Attraction, which states that every positive or negative event that has happened (or will happen) to you was attracted by you.

For years I was miserable and I felt/thought that things would never change, and they didn’t. Until the day I decided to be happy, I’ve been pretty peachy ever since, now that’s not to say I don’t have my days, because I do suffer with depression from time to time. For the most part since deciding to be happy, great things have happened to me, IMO (now my idea of great may not be your idea of great it’s all relative).

Since deciding to not have negative energy within my inner circle, I feel good and positive about life. If you read my random thoughts post you know that I stated that I’m an emotional sponge, so being around negative people affects me just as much as having those negative thoughts myself. I wholeheartedly believe that happy people, make people happy, so I try to stay as far away from “Negative Nancy’s or Angry Birds” as possible.

It’s super draining to listen to a person, day in and day out talk about what’s not happening for them. Sometimes I think some people in the past have attached themselves to me for my happy outlook on life. Being “used” as their very own personal cheerleader, honestly in every situation that someone has called me for advice I try to find the silver-lining, not all bad situations are as bad as we think they are.

I’m always working on myself because striving to be a better me matters to me, more than gaining wealth or having a big house or driving a fancy car.

My goal is to touch people in way that means thoughts of me after my energy has transferred itself are happy thoughts, I know that’s not realistic because there are quite a few people out there that have had negative experiences with me whether my intentions were coming from a positive place or not. Some people aren’t going to understand and interpret that energy negatively. And that’s their journey to deal with not mine.

So if you haven’t done so already make the decision to be happy! It’s life altering!



Smile! It’s Friday!

Happy Friday 9

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