Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year

Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year

I personally don’t celebrate Christmas (any holiday actually, my household has unanimously voted and decided that our respective birthdays are holidays, if Columbus can be celebrated for starting the semi-genocide of Native peoples we can make our birthdays holidays), not for religious reasons I’m just not interested in participating in a man made holiday that promotes excessiveness and materialism.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t impose my opinion of the holiday on anyone else, if you celebrate great for you. I just don’t understand why I’m interrogated when asked my plans for the holidays after I respond that I don’t celebrate said holidays. Most people don’t know what to say when I give my answer so one of two things happen, there is an awkward pause or an elaborate explanation made by the other party explaining to me why they Continue reading “Christmas…Killing trees so that your gifts have a place to chill until the new year”



Random Thoughts: Holiday’s Suck!

random-thoughts-logo-sq-turq1I’ve never really cared to be jovial during the holiday seasons, I don’t celebrate so I obviously don’t get the hype of being happy and skipping around all day every day because of this fictitious thing called “Christmas spirit”. I mean honestly people should find a reason to be jovial all year round not just because they’re giving and receiving shit from people.

Sometimes while wishing I’d win the lottery I think of the scene in Half Baked (if you’ve never seen it…smh you shouldn’t be reading my blog if you’ve never seen it that’s all I’m going to say about that) where Scarface quits his job at a fast food restaurant and how fucking dope that would be to do in real life.


My youngest child talks like a robot when he speaks, which is weird because most kids pick up their speech patterns from the people that are around most. No one in our home talks like a robot but him, I think that makes him a fucking genius. Come on, that’s fly! everyone in your house is all regular and you’ve taken on this dope ass robot personality, only a genius could pull that off.

I haven’t spoken to my mother in almost a month, maybe it’s been a month and it feels good.

The chick I used to be friends with that I work with that I’m not friends with anymore, less and less as the days go by I feel like I don’t want to drop kick her or punch her in her throat. I guess that’s a good thing, I’m just amazed and kind of jealous at how fucking seamlessly fake she is with everyone at work. Like I know for a fact this chick dislikes most of the people she pretends to like at work, including me (now anyway) but you’d never be able to tell just by watching her. The shit is pretty magical and fucking Oscar worthy, fuck trying to move up in the company she should get an acting job, because she’s the best fucking actress I’ve seen in my life.

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The Tradition of being a Non-Traditionalist


Every year around this time of the year I find myself explaining to the same people that my family (hubby & #demkids) doesn’t partake in the American traditions  of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any American holiday, we celebrate our birth anniversaries & marriage anniversaries).

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the genocide of the American natives and essentially what was the starting point of slavery. I don’t want to teach my children this happy story of the Native Americans and pilgrims coming together to help each other when the ending of the story is much more gruesome and always deliberately left out of the telling of Thanksgiving. The Native Americans were almost wiped out by violence, disease, and greed and those things are nothing to be “thankful” about IMO.

Yes I am fully aware that over the years Thanksgiving has become a holiday less and less about the Natives and pilgrims and more about families across the country coming together eating and sharing all that they are thankful for. I’m thankful every day, so I don’t see the point in participating in this man made sham of a holiday,  in the guise of tribute and celebration of the people who once populated this land and thrived and are subject to living on reservations like an endangered species.

If you think this is something to celebrated that’s great for you, I’m just growing wiry of explaining this “alien” concept every single year.

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