Repost: Becoming a Minimalist

While I find the concept of minimalism extremely hard to do in my life right now, I do hope that in the future I can strive for a lifestyle that promotes my needs versus my wants. Right now my wants although not extravagant are definitely outweighing my needs.Check out the article below from “Becoming a Minimalist” a gem I just stumbled upon.

Do you have what it takes to become a minimalist?


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Who are you trying to impress?


One thing I can’t and will never be able to understand is the idea of acquiring things in order to make yourself look a certain way to others. Purchasing a certain type of home because your co-workers/cousins/best-friend or auntie has a certain type of home. Buying expensive shoes, cars and clothing when you’re clearly working with a McDonald’s budget (and I’m not talking the owner, I’m talking cashier/fry dropper).

Why is it so important to give off the appearance of having more than what you really have? Is it not ok to live within of below your means? Who are you trying to impress? And why is it so detrimental that these people admire you for the things you have instead of the person you are?

Having a two hundred-dollar handbag doesn’t make you less of an asshole it just makes you an asshole with a two hundred-dollar handbag. I get it, do you, if that is who you really are and you can afford to live that way, but if you live with your momma, or in public housing there is no way in hell you should have a thirty thousand dollar car parked outside, again WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPRESS?

Why do the opinions of others hold so much weight with some people? I always thought the idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” was something you only go through as a teenager because of immaturity and not understanding the true value of dollar and what it takes to earn the money for those new sneakers and designer jeans you so badly want your parents to buy you, but there are actually some grown ass folks living their lives based on what they think other people will think about them. Not only is it baffling  and sad it’s ultimately going to leave you broke.

Make and live by your own rules…I swear it makes for a happier life.