A Seat at the Table – Solange Knowles

A Seat at the Table – Solange Knowles

What can I say that already hasn’t been said about this album?

It’s the blackest shit I’ve listened to since Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”. The feeling I get when I hear “Alright” is of empowerment and inappropriateness while being unapologetically black.

It’s the lemonade album for black girls, “don’t touch my hair” clearly tells you this is an Continue reading “A Seat at the Table – Solange Knowles”




Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge R&B music “head”, my entire music catalog on my iphone give or take a few albums consist of nothing but R&B.

Even though R&B is my genre of choice, I’m not a stranger to Hip-Hop music (thanks to my big brother and step-dad) more specifically 90’s hip-hop. Tupac, The Notorius B.I.G, Wu Tang Clan, DMX, NAS, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B. and Rakim, The Lox, and Busta Rhymes to name a few, are some of the artist I listen(ed) to. I’m completely aware that most of the lyrics of some if not all of the above artist are misogynistic and perpetuate stereotypical generalizations of black women/men, and growing up in the “hood”. You would have tomaxresdefault be an idiot to think poverty and crime are mutually exclusive to black and brown people in the inner city.

Of course some people take comfort in those stereotypical generalizations as it helps to Continue reading “Thugnificient?”

Music Minute: This and That


I haven’t done one of these in a minute (pun intended ^_^), so I’ve been listening to a ton of music lately including some old school throw backs. I’m going to start with the lack luster album I was kind of disappointed in when I listened to it, and I’m thinking maybe I need to listen again but I cringe when I think of having to listen to it again especially when thinking of her previous works.

Adele, 25; I know its shocking but I just don’t like this album. I can’t get into and I think I only purchased it because I thought it would be reminiscent to her other albums. I might be the only Adele fan who doesn’t like this album and I’m ok with being on the island alone in this case.

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Music Minute: Good Morning Heartache – Performed by Diana Ross (Lady Sings the Blues, The Billie Holiday Story)

Music Minute: Jill Scott – Woman


**The following review has not been made with any endorsement or influence by the artist, or record label.
All purchases have been made from my pocket and views are based on my sole opinion** 

Ms. Jill Scott released her latest contribution to the music world entitled “Woman”, July 24th. I couldn’t get into her last album, but this album gives me ALLL of my life!

She sings from the heart, belting out songs of heartache, self-acceptance/reflection, and love. This album is coming from a place of growth, and loving ones self first, there isn’t a song on this album that I can honestly say I don’t like.

My favorite being “Closure”, where she tells her boo thang she’s done with his trifling ways and he’ll no longer get a taste of her goodies or her delectable’s that she whips up in the kitchen. The best part IMO is the ending where you can hear the gentlemen outside begging to come in, “you want me to call you, don’t call you? I can come back and wash your car for some of that guava…”. I smile every time I hear the ending, she writes smart, with honesty from the heart and honestly I feel like that is what makes R&B, R&B. Continue reading “Music Minute: Jill Scott – Woman”

Music Minute: Tyrese – Black Rose


Tyrese aka Tyrese Gibson aka Black Ty depending on whether he’s singing, acting or rapping dropped his latest contribution to the music industry, titled Black Rose.

I have to say I’m not mad at this album at all, there isn’t one track that I don’t like, my favorite being “Don’t want to look back” featuring Chrisette Michele. If you are like me and you love a good R&B slow jam album, I feel confident in saying you’ll enjoy this album.

There are 14 tracks total, ranging from slow to mid-tempo ballads, with the exception “Dumb shit” featuring Snoop Dog, all the songs are pretty much love songs/baby making music.

This album definitely makes me feel like R&B music might have a chance of making a comeback, if we could get a few more male singers to sing like Tyrese, Tank, R. Kelly (pre-underage sex scandal) and Joe it would be like we stepped into the 90s.

Tyrese enlists the likes of Brandy, Tank and a bit of Marsha Ambrosius on “Picture Perfect”, I really miss male R&B albums like this one, Tank has been the only one holding me down in this department. I wish Music Soulchild would stop playing around with his sound and get back to the basics that made us love him so much.

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Justin Timberlake is My BFF


This is what I tell myself after the most vivid dream I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

A few weeks ago for some odd reason my brain decided to use my imagination in a really odd and entertaining way. Given I am a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music (and some of his acting), but as far as Justin Timberlake the man I don’t have a real opinion about him because… ding ding ding you guessed it I don’t know him personally.

In this dream my husband who is an awesome musician (in case Justin ever reads this post, wishful thinking) was brought on as drummer for the 20/20 Experience Tour. After the show my husband brought me out on stage to meet Mr. Timberlake, I expressed to him Continue reading “Justin Timberlake is My BFF”