Outgoing Introvert Say Whaaaaa…

What Type Of Introvert/Extrovert Are You?
Your Result: Outgoing Introvert


You are an outgoing introvert. You enjoy being by yourself, but you make friends easily and are confident. You would rather stay home than go to a party.


Outgoing Extrovert


Shy Introvert


Shy Extrovert

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I’m not good at Social Media


I’m finding it hard to be “present” in the world of social networking/social media, these are a few reasons why I think I’m no good at social media.

I’m too honest, and that seems to bug people, evidently honesty isn’t necessary in the realm of social media. Everyone likes rainbows, fallacies and lies.

I’m not very good at seeming seamlessly interesting. I think the people who are posting these great things about themselves and their lives have it hard. Because if you were really that interesting why would you feel the need to post all of your interesting adventures minute to minute via social media. (This doesn’t mean bloggers, because most bloggers write about their adventures after the adventure is over – see how that works attention whores. See there I go with that damn honest bug again).

I don’t take myself that seriously, it seems everyone is saying or doing something profound on social media. I’m super random and so are my thoughts.

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