Why me?


You ever meet/know someone whose life is in not so good shape and they continually ask “why me?”, like life has it out for them and only them? Like their choices and bad decision-making skills aren’t the reasons behind their current woes.

This is the point where my husband would call me mean and evil, because I feel no empathy for a person who deliberately lives their lives recklessly and then expects me to be understanding of why they think life is unfair. They’ve been dealt all the wrong cards in life, FOH! I say to that, stop doing stupid shit and stupid shit won’t be the outcome.

Cause and effect, it could not be more simpler, if you do drugs and your employer decides to practice due diligence and give a surprise drug test, don’t get mad at your employer. Be mad at yourself! If you decide you don’t feel like paying your electric bill because you want to “turn up” over the weekend, and in turn the electric company decides to cut your ish off, again don’t be mad at the electric company. Be mad at yourself!

If you’re in a relationship that’s dumb as shit, i.e., you all fight all the time, don’t be mad at your friends and family for not wanting to hear about the bullshit especially if you plan on taking him/her back. BE MAD AT YO SELF!

It’s absolutely mind-boggling that people choose to ignore these simple concepts…



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