Sometimes for fun when things get tough and/or disappointing I sit back reflect and try to find the possible silver-lining in the situation.

It’s almost been a week since Trump was named victor of the United States of America and I’ve actually found a silver-lining in his future presidency.

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Random Thoughts: Gentrification & Organs


Gentrification IMO is a fancy way of saying, “hey POC, mainly you black people, your neighborhoods are fucked up so I, being a white person will move in with my white homies and make it better…WHITE POWER!”.

I’m sorry if that offends you, but get over yourself because that’s what it is. A bunch of colored folks moving into the suburbs isn’t called something fancy like gentrification, on the low it’s called “property value killer”. It just kills me to think that some white people are in complete and utter denial that this thing called “white privilege” exists. In denying its existence you sir/ma’am are apart of the fucking problem.

Gentrification is just another way of letting us know for certain that white supremacy is a thing…call a thing a thing (Iyanla Vanzant).

My husband said he won’t comply with donating my organs when I die because he loves me so much that he want’s me to haunt him. I let him know flat out, I’m donating his organs lol, but I didn’t know if I could be strong enough to donate our children’s.

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Mummers ain’t shit


If you live in or near Philadelphia you should be aware of the fuckery that is the Mummers Parade. It takes place January 1st annually and as the years have progressed it has progressively gotten more racist as time goes by.

Grown ass drunk as white men get dressed up in sparkly, ethnically offensive costumes and strut their stuff down Market Street (in the past Broad Street) I personally don’t know many POC that frequent this parade, I mean if you’re asking to get mad and offended then by all means enjoy yo’self.

Mummers parade of past, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing said grown ass drunk ass white men dress up like “Native Americans”, and “Mexicans” I place the quotation marks because their idea of an Native Americans and a Mexican is every racial stereotype you can think of. I’m not sure who is the head fuckboy in charge of this fuckery, but he needs to have his ass kicked for allowing shit like this.

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Repost: Very Smart Brothas – How The University of Missouri is Drowning in White Tears, Explained

I really love this website and had to share this story written by Damon Young, of Very Smart Brothas.


Can you explain what “White Tears” are again?

Sure. “White Tears” is phrase to describe what happens when certain types of White people either complain about a nonexistent racial injustice or are upset by a non-White person’s success at the expense of a White person. It encompasses (and makes fun of) the performative struggle to acknowledge the existence of White privilege, and the reality that it aint always gonna go unchecked.

Thank you! Can you provide some prominent examples of it?

No problem! A great example of one is Fisher v. University of Texas, a court case that basically boils down to a slightly above average White woman upset her slightly above-averageness didn’t grant her the birthright privileges she believes she deserves.

Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that on 60 Minutes. If I recall, Fisher was upset that she wasn’t able to get into college with her grades, despite the fact that Black and other minority students with similar (or worse) grades could get into school. 

Actually, that’s not completely it. Fisher was qualified enough to get into 98% of the schools in the country. She could have gone practically anywhere from Slippery Rock to Spelman. (I kinda, sorta suspect she wouldn’t have wanted to go to Spelman though.) Her problem was that she couldn’t get into the one school she desperately wanted to — but some Black and Black-ish kids could — and this lawsuit is the equivalent of a five-year-old with hundreds of Hot Wheels mad his sister is playing with the Camaro.

So “White Tears” is basically White people being brats?

Basically. As I’ve written before, we see it when Serena Williams wins a major. Or graces the cover of another magazine. We saw it after the Emmys, when Nancy Lee Grahn felt a need to pour a bucket of freshly squeezed White Tears on Viola Davis’s acceptance speech, tweeting “Im a [f–king] actress for 40 yrs. None of us get

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Is Classism the new Racism?


I am a Philadelphian born and raised, and I think the one thing that bothers me most about the city is that it’s blatantly segregated.

If you aren’t familiar with Philadelphia the areas of the city are comparable to the boroughs of NYC, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, Northeast, North and Center City Philadelphia all make up this beautiful yet complex city.

South Philly, traditionally speaking was populated predominantly by the Italian Americans, now not so much, it’s more of a melting pot of people. You may still find a very dense population of Italian Americans who have lived in this part of the city for generations.

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Random Thoughts: What’s going on…


There is so much going on in the world, in the United States where I live, a ton has to do with the murders of black women and men by police, and racial extremist (terrorist).

It’s extremely disheartening and I try not to over think it because I’m an extremely sensitive person, I’m what some would call an “emotional empath”, which in a nutshell means I’m hypersensitive to the emotions and energy of other people. As you could imagine the news is emotionally draining for me, I try to stay away from it but with this age of social media there is no real way to completely get around it.

A lot of things I don’t understand, like why are some people so hell-bent on objecting to the #blacklivesmatter movement, I’m sorry but in this country there is clear history of some whites taking it upon themselves to eradicate the land of black people. The killing of black people is and will continue to be an epidemic until WE ALL come together to make sure it ends. It’s not a black people problem, it’s an ALL people problem. If it’s not racist vigilantes, it’s the police, and some ignorant people make statements like “oh they’re going to pull the black card” well if racist people didn’t create racism against blacks there would be no such thing as the “black card”.

I don’t even want to touch the whole debate over the confederate flag and how people don’t understand the symbolism of the flag, it is a reminder of oppression and inequality for blacks. IMO saying its “southern pride” is a bunch of bullshit. If you know history you know the south seceded from the north because they wanted to continue owning black people, so fuck outta here with the bullshit you’re trying to feed me.

I’m tired of trying to find the good in people, I’m learning that people I thought were in my life because they genuinely wanted to know me really weren’t. And it bummed me out for a while and I started to second guess myself and wonder what was wrong with me. I realized hurt people are incapable of loving someone when they don’t know how to love. I feel like I’m always captain “save a hoe” when it comes to people I love, going out my way to make sure they are ok and genuinely being a cheerleader for them, lending myself in any way that I can and not realizing that there is no reciprocity.

I’m getting older and that’s scary, I think about life after death, where does my life force go next. I’m not religious I don’t believe in heaven or hell so those are not options for me, which leaves me feeling kind of empty. I’m learning, thanks to hubby that I shouldn’t worry about things I have no control over and appreciate my life as it is every day.

I miss wine, I’ve been trying to fine tune my eating habits and that means no alcohol.

I think I’m suffering from Alopecia Areata, I won’t know for sure until I go back to the dermatologist, its kind of rough I have a bald spot on each temple, it’s messing with my confidence so I’m wearing wigs more.

I feel like I need to be more social and spontaneous, It’s super hard because I love being home with my family, I enjoy the comfort of my home, feeling safe with the people I know for certain love me.

Any random thoughts you guys want to share? What’s going on with you guys?


Rant: Walter Biddle Saul High School for Agricultural Studies @ Penn State FFA 2015 State Competition

Dear person who thought it proper to stand up in a room full of young adults and say “I love ghetto music, it helps me get in touch with my inner hoodrat”, in reference to the R&B/Hip Hop music that was playing in the background. What your words actually translate into, “I love black music, it helps me get in touch with my inner nigger”.

I can only hope to assume that your momentary lapse of sound judgement shouldn’t be a direct reflection on the annual program that takes place at Penn State. I am not shocked that there are some EXTREMELY ignorant and racist people that dwell in upstate PA, whatever happened to thinking before speaking? I’m just trying to figure out why my child and all of her classmates had to be subjected to such raw and blatant ignorance.

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