Random Thoughts: Work Edition


So I’m the only black person in a “front” office position in my workplace, the other black person works in the mail room, there are three other women of color, Asian and East Asian. All of the other women in my office are (you guessed it) white women, majority of them come from money, all live in center city and run in pretty much the same social circles.

I’ve noticed that they tend to exclude myself and the East Asian girls, but they include the one Asian young lady who is Indian. Now, I try not to speculate on anything, I’m an observer, in my head I wonder what makes the Indian young lady so different from myself and the other ladies? Two of the other ladies are married with children like myself, the other is in a relationship but she lives in center city, I think she’s hip and trendy, but to my knowledge she doesn’t come from money.

The Indian young lady, doesn’t come from money, she doesn’t live in center city, but she does have an amazing spirit and personality. The point of this random thought is I wonder what makes her more relatable then the rest of us, more specifically me?

I’ve known plenty of white women from past employers who weren’t standoffish with black women (but then again they didn’t come from money either), I know I don’t give off negative energy, everyone in the office always talks about how friendly I am. But I wonder why it seems I’m left out of the loop so to speak, I don’t think its age, the only thing I can think of is the stigmatism that’s automatically associated with being a black woman especially a black woman who doesn’t hold the special socio-economic status that would allow me to appear more relatable.

Now I don’t think for a moment that any of these women are racist, but I do think they may have a preconceived notion of who they think I am that blocks them from being able to relate with me.

Maybe it’s because I don’t drink Starbucks or carry around a Louis Vuitton bag, naw I think it’s because I’m black (I kid, I kid, probably not because high-siddity black women don’t see it for me either)

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Yay Me! Staycation!!!!


Due to a men’s only fishing trip hubby is going on for three days, I will be enjoying a staycation next week! I’m super excited for some me time, I will miss hubby, but I honestly could use a few hours of alone time. While the kids are in school I will enjoy at least 7 whole beautiful hours of ME time!

I have a few things that I’d like to do next week if you guys have any ideas for my staycation let me know!

Staycation Objectives:

Gym: I can spend more than my normal 45 mins at the gym, can you say 90 minutes baaaabay!

Reading: I have three books on my kindle app I’d like to start/finish.

Pamper: Groupon is my bff, I plan on finding me a spa where I can get a much-needed massage for cheap!

Mind & Body: Alone time also means quiet time, I’m going to sit still and become one with the universe, get my meditation on!

Parks & Museums: I’d like to hit up a few trails and a few of our museums here in Philly, maybe that one with the babies in jars.

Spring Cleaning: I’d like to finally go through my closet and get rid of some stuff and pack some stuff away for the summer. I wouldn’t mind finally painting my living/dining rooms and upstairs hallway. (maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself with that one)

That’s what I have so far people, if you’ve ever staycationed before tell me what you did maybe I can borrow an idea or two.