Jouelzy – “A Complex Conversation on Korryn Gaines”

I think I share in some of Jouelzy’s point of view in this video, I’ve been quiet on this subject, because there isn’t really enough information being provided other than what the police are saying and what a five year old child has said, for me to really give an objective opinion on the matter other than the fact that white male terrorist seem to be given some kind of invisible benefit of doubt (and I’m really reaching when I place this young lady in the same category as a terrorist) but if I’m going to play devils advocate and say she was a terrorist, why couldn’t she be “taken” alive like Dylan Roof and James Holmes who are proven murderers?

This is yet another conversation that we should be having this proves what we already know the current policies don’t work. I like what Jouelzy said in “changing the behaviors of the oppressor/oppressed”.  It’s a long road that we’re on…



The Nice vs. The Angry Black Woman Stereotype


Why I broke up with YouTube


I can honestly say in the beginning I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with YouTube, I created my account about five years ago when I entered my natural hair journey. Scouring channels for information on how to care for my hair properly without the use of harsh chemicals. To my surprise there was an abundance of well versed vloggers on the topic, some useful most not. To my surprise the most popular natural hair vloggers where the curly haired non kinky vloggers which I had nothing in common with. My hair texture is basically soft wool with a hint of a zig zag and you can only see a zig or zag when I manipulate it.
I was in LOVE with YouTube, I could get beauty and hair tips all in one place for FREE at that. So how could something so good and free ultimately end in a break up?

Well I started noticing the tide change with most of the vloggers I subscribed to, it started to become less about informing the viewer and more about product placement, advertisements and paid sponsorship. unbeknownst to me I had become a means to an end, and that end being money. With the right amount of subscribers and popularity YouTube can become a big money maker. Now I’m not hating anyones hustle at all, get in where you fit in and make your money the best way you know how, but try to have some integrity and honesty.

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